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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Processed bodies

A friend of mine shared a picture with me that blew my mind.  Apparently, this is what a typical family of four eats in a week.  Look closely.  See the potato chips literally climbing up the wall?  Pizza, pop, juice, fast food?  Notice the lack of veggies and fruit?  Jars of preservatives and processed crap?  Ugh.  I get it, it’s easier than spending time in the kitchen cooking.  But are you really doing your bodies any favors?  Our bodies are not meant to process the sodium and preservatives, not to mention all the fat that is shown in this picture. Do I like spending an hour every night preparing my lunch, snacks and breakfast for the next morning?  Well, no, it’s not my favorite thing but it’s worth every single minute.  I can go to bed at night knowing that I’m prepared and will make good choices the next day.  No last minute scramble in the cafeteria that ends with pizza or French fries.  It’s a peace of mind and knowing that I’m saving money doing it myself.  Eventually, it becomes a habit and you just do it. 

I’ve heard that the more affluent the family, the more prone they are to having junk food and eating out.  I’m not sure if that’s due to disposable income, busy schedules or just a choice but it’s an odd stat.  I constantly hear people complaining that it’s so expensive to eat healthy.  Sure, a combo meal at McDonald’s is cheaper than going to the store and buying lean meat and veggies, and it’s instant, no preparation dinner.  BUT if I go to the store and spend $10 to get groceries that feed five of us it doesn't take a lot of math here.  $25-30 on crap or taking the time to cook something nutritious at home? I’m doing my body a favor by spending the time to shop and cook for the family.  I mean, yeah, you can put whatever you want in your gas tank and you’ll probably keep creeping down the road but why not give it the high octane fuel that it was meant to run more efficiently on?  Down the road, you are not saving any money.  You’re just ruining your body and will spend more in “repairs” as poor eating and lack of activity continue.  Remember, you can’t outwork a bad diet.  Trust me because I know this first hand.  It doesn't matter how long I spend in the gym at night if I spend the weekend stuffing my face with junk.  When you go to the grocery store this week, think about the picture.  Try to spend a little more time on the outside ring of the store where things are fresh and better for you.  Leave just one or two jars of processed crap you would normally buy on the shelf.  If you are having a hard time believing that it’s not good for you, read the label.  Check the calories per serving, fat and sodium.  See if you can pronounce the ingredients.  If you can’t, set it down and move on! Shine, be brilliant and remember your body is a temple, not a garbage disposal.  

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Anonymous said...

I now have this picture on my fridge at home. I don't want this to be my family!