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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mr. Postman

I was desperately hoping my replacement fitbit would be here before I flew out today. Alas, it has not arrived.  And the tracking on USPS only shows it is en route.  Guess I will be walking around Chicago still unable to sync my flex to any of my devices.  *sigh*

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So true

I don't think I could love this saying any more. Thought I would share in case any one else needed to see this today. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Manic Monday

I don't know how your Monday went but just looking at my stats for today makes me a little tired. And I still can't catch Kara after my lazy Easter Sunday. 

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Now, go throw all that dang sugar away! :) Easter candy is evil. Ask my achy belly after this weekend. Uffda. 

Last night I got home and managed to spill a half gallon of deep red paint all over the garage and my new car. Today, my first day of work in my new job and my dress shoe broke in the morning. Who wants to wager on what madness hits tomorrow? No matter what it is, it will be a-o-k. All I can do is laugh at things like that.  Did anyone watch the Boston Marathon today? Very inspiring. #bostonstrong. Puts my little trials and tribulations into serious perspective. 

Baby steps to regain focus if you went off path over the holiday weekend. Eat your protein. Drink your water. Cut some carbs. And move that beautiful booty!! It's gorgeous outside. You have no excuse. Gotta get up to get down. Annoying song, true lyrics when it comes to health and losing weight. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's a man's world? Oh please.

So I guess I was pretty active last week. I think it was the joy of the sunshine and 70 degree temps. Yes, it snowed again yesterday but I'm totally trying to block that out of my memory.  I finally broke 100,000 steps for a week and it felt great!

What's even better about it? Kara and Melody are breathing down my neck and bringing their best step game as well. They are neck in neck and closing in on me with a vengeance! I love it! I'm going to have to be super focused the rest of this week if I want to come in first again.  I leave for C-town tomorrow after work and will be home for 5 days.  Yes, 5 days in my danger zone.  Thursday I'll be sitting at Mayo Clinic all day with the family.  Maybe I can walk some laps on the hour? Friday is open so I can go up to the fitness center in town or hit the trails if it's nice.  Saturday and Sunday we have Easter at each of the Grandma's and we are also squeezing in a birthday party for Michael and maybe a dinner with my favorite preggo cousin, BT. It will be a busy few days, surrounded by tasty but terrible food choices and I will be out of my element.  I won't be doing my lunch walks with Melody or my nightly workout routines at the YMCA. I am packing some snacks and my vitamins to take with me. I will try desperately to get in at least 10,000 steps every day and just do the best I can on food choices.  That's all a girl can do.

Speaking of being a girl...I've noticed when it comes to the basketball court at the Y, it's a man's world.  One of the front desk workers commented the other night how I am often the only female in the gym shooting hoops.  She said it like it would bother her and could possibly be the reason that more women aren't in there. It doesn't phase me at all.  I'm surrounded by adolescent boys and sweaty men trying to relive their glory days in a pick up game with their buddies.  More than once they've tried to "run me off the court" but I always stand my ground. There's 6 hoops in here people, you can play on the other 5.  I just need my one. And if you ever want to play me for my hoop, bring it on. I can play horse with the best of them and love some competition.  I appreciate my parents raising me to be blind to societies idea of gender roles not only in sports, but in life. There is not much of anything you can tell me I can't do because I'm a woman.  Except pee standing up. I've tried it, it's not for me.  Men, I will give you that one. I wish the lady at the front desk and more females would come in and play in the gym.  And I love seeing when young girls come in once and awhile with their friends.  I always make sure to encourage their good shots or hustle.  But most days I just put on my headphones and ignore the testosterone that surrounds me. I'm not there to socialize. I'm there to get my sweat on and sink basket after basket and find my happy meditation zone.