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Thursday, November 29, 2012

12 Week Fitness Challenge

The holidays and New Year are fast approaching and we're still trying to work off some of that turkey so we're doing a 12 week fitness challenge and today starts WEEK 1!! 

If you want to do it with us, here is this week's challenge

30 minutes of cardio 3x’s for the week
100 sit ups
100 squats

Each week challenge will run Thursday to Thursday. 
*The squats and sits up can be broken up however someone likes. 5 days of 20 each. 33 3x’s in a week. 100 in one shot. 14 a day for everyday and 16 on one day. Whatever works for you. Just try to get 100 of each by next Thursday, plus your cardio. 

When you have completed it just post on our Send Lyndee & Molly to Biggest Loser Season 10 Facebook page, send me a text or an email an say "Week 1-Complete!!!" It's going to be fun! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2013 race challenge

Molly had a great idea to get us motivated and give us some goals for 2013.  We’re going to challenge ourselves to do one run a month for the entire year, finances permitting.  Yes, I realize I live in Iowa and the first three races could be in potential blizzards or snow storms but I figure that will just make the rest of the years races seem that much better.  Right? This gives us something great to train for and the big prize?  November’s race looks to be a half marathon in Puerto Rico.  Yes, you read that right.  We’re hoping to go to San Juan and participate in the Diva Marathon on November 10th.  I figure if I’m going to train for a half, I might as well do it somewhere spectacular. And it’s a great trip away with the girls to celebrate our friend Sandy’s birthday.  So lace up those running shoes, people! There are many races to choose from.  We have a few friends that have already said they would love to join us on this goal each month and the more the merrier!  Get out and get moving!!! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Coma

I hope everyone is recovering from their turkey comas! It was a bit blustery outside and so I tried to stay busy in the warmth of the house helping my mom get ready to host the Hageman family.  My food choices weren't great but I tried to practice portion control.  I even skipped the famous chocolate Oreo ice cream dessert Saturday night. That was probably a first for my lifetime.

After two weeks without Scott I am looking forward to getting back to training this week! Man, do I need it. My plan is to get in some serious cardio the next few days and then let him shred the crap out of my muscles on Thursday.

My goal this week is four days of cardio and to log my food EVERY DAY! It sounds simple but it doesn't always happen so I'm throwing it out there for all to see.  Feel free to join me if you would like.  I can always use the extra support.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fitbit competition

As we all know, I’ve been lacking some motivation lately.  I had a rough weekend at home with emotional eating and not a lot of time to get any workouts in. This week has been good so far.  Granted, I know we’re only two days in and it’s Thanksgiving which can be a disaster but I’m banking on a little friendly competition to get me through.  Melody got a fitbit this weekend and now we can see each other’s stats on and  We have joined a few discussion groups, some challenges and are holding each other accountable for moving.   It’s fun when we get to harass each other about how many steps, flights of stairs and miles we have in the day.  And it will be posted on our page who is in the lead.  It definitely gives me a little motivation to keep moving!  Last night I could’ve easily talked myself into sitting on the couch and watching TV but Melody had told me she’d been taking the stairs at work up to the 7th floor so…I went for a two mile walk after dinner on the hilliest road in town. By the time midnight struck last night I had 13,414 steps, had climbed 30 flights of stairs and went over 6 miles for the day.  I even text her to talk a little smack and let her know how it was going.  Considering we walk together every day at lunch and she’s family so I will see her on Thursday and Saturday gatherings, we figure this can be a great tool for us to utilize over the holidays.  Everyone needs a little friendly competition now and then to get that spark going again.

I’m still planning to organize some kind of weekly challenge for my friends and family that said they were interested. I just have to sit down and get that planned out. 

Also, there is some exciting news in the works on a way I can help bring some of the great things I learned at Biggest Loser Resort here to Des Moines.  Stay tuned to hear more about ELEVATE Des Moines 2013!! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A nice reminder

There is no more Warrior so last night I found myself wondering what I should do for a workout.  I decided to get back into my EA Sports personal trainer for Wii 30 day challenge.  The last time I logged into my profile I was 34 and weighed 278 pounds.  It was a nice reminder of how far I have come.  I'm looking forward to this 30 day challenge and it will be a nice switch from my norm.  Variety is key and this is something I can do inside the house on cold Iowa days that I'm not at the gym.  And it's something that I can take with me if I go home over the holidays or like this weekend when I go visit my sister. My sister and my parents both have Wii's so there is no reason to skip a workout while I'm there.  I will just pack up my game and gear and make sure I find 30 minutes to get it done.  Every little bit counts! Plus, I'm a sucker for trophy's and I want to make sure to get as many trophies on this game as I can. If I skip a few days because I'm out of town, that will totally mess it up.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Strong again

Yesterday was a good day.  In fact, one of the best I’ve had in months. I managed to get in three great workouts and did well on my food.  I went to the gym at work over lunch and did 2 miles of cardio, joined Molly for a Turbo Fire workout after work and then headed to Runnells for an hour long, and final, Warrior session.  Todd spared no punches to make our final workout one of the hardest yet.  For example, towel pushes.  Have you ever done these? This was my first time and may possibly be one of my least favorite moves ever.  You have to go in a bear crawl position and push a towel the long way across the wrestling mat, from wall to wall.  It stops and sticks and doesn’t move very well to put it mildly. I was cursing, dripping sweat and sometimes falling to my knees when my towel came to a sudden stop.  You had to go from wall to wall and then sprint back to your partner, then wall sit while they did the same.  My poor partner Kara had to wall squat the entire time I tried to push that stupid towel across the mat.  I’m sure her legs are burning today! There was eight band exercises that we did in sets of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5 reps, kettle bells and tons of cardio including running, mountain climbers, burpees, bear crawls, jumping rope…you name it.  I remember in high school watching the wrestlers run laps around the wrestling room and thinking how weird it was.  After running probably close to 100 laps around the wrestling room last night, I have a new found respect for what they were doing.  That crap is no joke.  According to my fitbit I had over 15,000 steps yesterday and went nearly 7 miles.  I had one of the best burns I have had in weeks and it felt good to fall into bed last night completely exhausted. 

Tonight after work I have my session with Scott and Molly at Aspen.  My arms are already sore so that should be interesting.  The point is, I felt great last night. I felt strong again and it was nice.  I feel good today knowing that I rocked it out yesterday.  I’m hoping I can get back into the habit of doing that daily.  It’s nice to feel proud.  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Motivate, dominate, destroy

Motivate, Dominate, Destroy

Tonight is the last night of Warrior. I’m quite sad about that.  I will miss the wrestling room torture and seeing my dear friends I have made out in Runnells.  I will be going back to some classes at the gym like zumba, kickboxing, doing my mountain and treading routines from Biggest Loser Resort and continuing on Thursdays with Scott and Molly so that will be fun.  I really need to get a focus back on my cardio and intensity. 

Molly and I have always used the phrase “motivate, dominate, destroy” to fire us up for our journey to healthier people.  I don’t feel like I have had any of these three things working for me in the last few months.  My husband knows I’ve been struggling and has tried to help me repeatedly.  He’s in a very tough spot as a man because although I want his undying love and support, I do not want him to be honest with me when I suck.  It’s a very tight rope he is forced to try and walk.  In reality, he can’t really win because I’m an emotional freak some days but he continues to try and motivate me in ways that won’t deflate my mind or make me mad.  Today he sent me an email with a picture of my Biggest Loser Resort homecoming, rocking my little black dress and asked me not to forget how strong I was and how great that felt.  

He also sent me a little equation to keep in mind with our theme.  It’s simple and true.    

Motivate=emotional - what if u can?
Dominate=mental - convince yourself that all obstacles can be overcome (I.e. food, distractions, inhibitors)
Destroy=physical - pushing the limit ceiling higher and higher. Owning what's rightfully yours.
Motivate, dominate, destroy=RESULTS

I’m going to try and get a small group competition or collaboration, if you will, put together with some close friends and family.  I know I could sure use some motivation and accountability for the next 10 weeks to get through the holidays. What do you do over the holidays to stay on track?  

Friday, November 2, 2012


900. That's a pretty big number.  Well, that's the number of reps we did at training with Scott last night and I am feeling it today.  Scott counted up 800 but he forgot the last set of situps were doubles (left knee, right knee).

100 sit ups
100 pull downs
100 squats
100 lunges
100 stupid hammer press chest things
100 shoulder presses
100 leg presses
200 sit ups

Today I'm going to try not to laugh, breathe to deeply or lift my arms to avoid the soreness.  That should be easy, right?

We spent a lot of time last night talking about motivation and what we need from him and why we keep sliding backwards. He asked a lot of questions and unfortunately I had very few answers.  They were questions I had been asking myself for awhile now on why I can't seem to get that fire back and really buckle down like I had done for so long with much success.  I hate not being able to answer him or myself.  I hate not knowing why some days, I just don't do what I should be doing. These days I'm just going through the motions and I don't know why.  It's very frustrating mentally and physically.  He reminded me that every day is a new day to do it better.  Don't worry about what I did yesterday or what I'll do tomorrow.  Just do today the right way.  I think that's pretty good advice.  I hope everyone has a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.