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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fitbit competition

As we all know, I’ve been lacking some motivation lately.  I had a rough weekend at home with emotional eating and not a lot of time to get any workouts in. This week has been good so far.  Granted, I know we’re only two days in and it’s Thanksgiving which can be a disaster but I’m banking on a little friendly competition to get me through.  Melody got a fitbit this weekend and now we can see each other’s stats on and  We have joined a few discussion groups, some challenges and are holding each other accountable for moving.   It’s fun when we get to harass each other about how many steps, flights of stairs and miles we have in the day.  And it will be posted on our page who is in the lead.  It definitely gives me a little motivation to keep moving!  Last night I could’ve easily talked myself into sitting on the couch and watching TV but Melody had told me she’d been taking the stairs at work up to the 7th floor so…I went for a two mile walk after dinner on the hilliest road in town. By the time midnight struck last night I had 13,414 steps, had climbed 30 flights of stairs and went over 6 miles for the day.  I even text her to talk a little smack and let her know how it was going.  Considering we walk together every day at lunch and she’s family so I will see her on Thursday and Saturday gatherings, we figure this can be a great tool for us to utilize over the holidays.  Everyone needs a little friendly competition now and then to get that spark going again.

I’m still planning to organize some kind of weekly challenge for my friends and family that said they were interested. I just have to sit down and get that planned out. 

Also, there is some exciting news in the works on a way I can help bring some of the great things I learned at Biggest Loser Resort here to Des Moines.  Stay tuned to hear more about ELEVATE Des Moines 2013!! 

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