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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Now that's more like the weekly stats I like to see on my fitbit! Rocking it out and focusing on my 10,000 steps a day.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Challenge complete

Remember the other day when I said I was going to do the Jillian Michael's Card Challenge Workout? I did it! With a little help from my friends.  Audra, Molly and Jamie came over yesterday and did the workout with me.  I'm not going to lie, there were parts that were a bit brutal.  Like when you flip four diamond cards in a row and think if you do one more pushup, your arms might fall off.  But it went fast! We put on some music, i flipped the cards and blurted the meaning and away we went.  It was a great workouts. I am feeling it all over my booty and thighs today.  The reward for my friends going along with my crazy challenge?  I made them a healthy dinner.  Chipotle bbq turkey breast, mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.  We even took a short walk afterwards.  It was a great night.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Personal best

Finally, I am ahead of Kara in the steps for the week.  It took a lot.  How much you might ask?  This much!
I'm super proud of these numbers.  It's my highest steps for one day to date.  So boom! Lyndee likes that. And what else was awesome about this day?  I got to do many walks with numerous pals.  It never seems like "working out" when you are with somebody that's awesome.  So thanks to Audra, Melody and Molly for some great steps together last night.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jillian Michaels Card Deck Challenge

A few of my close friends and I have an 'accountability' secret group page on FB where we can post our victories, share ideas, recipes, vent and generally just support each other on our goals to become healthier women. Today I threw down this challenge for the group.  And now I'm sharing it with you.  Here's the it, deck of cards, deal...anyway...

Do this workout by the end of the day Monday, September 22nd. You have 4 days. No equipment needed, except a deck of cards. I'm going to change out squats for reverse crunches. When you finish, post a picture of you and your deck of cards. It will be fun!! 

You don't have to post a picture but it would be a lot cooler if you did.  But you can just comment when completed if you wish.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Walk the walk

It's been a while since I've had a great steps day.  I'm doing well at hitting my minimum of 10,000 most days but it's been some time since I felt like I kicked some butt.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Most of my lunch breaks are spent walking the downtown skywalks with my Aunt Melody.  On days our schedules don't mesh, I'm fortunate enough to work for a company that has lots of fitness equipment and classes in their on campus gym.

My home gym fun has been foiled by a rotten roof that leaked into the basement.  But that should be repaired sometime this week.

Summer in Iowa has come to an abrupt end and fall has set in.  To me, there's nothing better than jeans and sweatshirt weather.  Last night Audra and I did a few laps around Copper Creek and it was absolutely perfect out.  Today is supposed to be equally awesome weather-wise.  This weekend I'm trying to round up the troops to head to Ledges State Park and do some hiking and a picnic.  Fingers crossed it doesn't rain so I can finally get my hike on again.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

3000 miles

Remember how I said I wanted to "walk" from Iowa to California on my fitbit?  Well hooray for me! Got my 3000 mile badge yesterday.  No wonder my feet hurt.  Wasn't there a terrible Nicholas Cage movie in the early 2000's called "3000 Miles to Graceland"?

Been putting the finishing touches on my home gym the last few days.  It's coming together pretty well. I have a stepper, agility ladder, kickboxing bag, jump rope, free weights, stability ball, medicine ball and yoga mats for crunches, squat stations and so on.  I think it's going to be awesome.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Airplane victories

There was a time when I flew a lot and I hated it.  If you've ever been overweight and traveling on a plane, you can surely relate.  If you haven't been, rejoice in that.  Airplane aisles are tiny.  Even "normal" size people often have to turn sideways to make their way down them.  Seats are piled on top of each other and a person that is overweight can't help but "spill" onto the people next to them.  Middle seats suck the worst, then aisle.  I always requested a window seat if I had a choice.  Also, there is the issue of seat belts.  It wasn't that long ago that I found myself in tears on a plane, literally shoving and willing my fat to jiggle into a mold that would allow the seat belt to fit without requesting an extension.  I believe it is one of the most humiliating things one can go through. Or worse, if they charge you for two seats on a place because you are too big.  I never had to pay for two seats but I did have many times where I could barely buckle my belt.  I remember once having a snarky size 2 stewardess tell me very loudly that she could go get me an extension. The other passengers watched me, some with pity, some with disgusts as I jammed myself into that seat belt, barely able to breath. I refused to get an extension.  Even though I'm over 100 pounds smaller now, I still feel that anxiety when I go to get on a plane.  Old habits die hard, I guess.  When I left for my work trip on Monday, I was very pleasantly surprised when I went to buckle up for safety.  It not only fit, but the excess seat belt flowed to my knee.  I had a good 6 or so inches of seat belt left over.  It was an amazing feeling.  

While away for work I was sure to work every day on getting my steps.  Monday night it was storming and I was 1500 short so I walked in place in my hotel room until I got my 10,000 steps and then did some crunches before bed.  Tuesday I did one of my afternoon conference calls from the treadmill in the hotel gym.  I walked to and from dinner. I walked around the building on breaks. And then, IT happened. My fitbit battery died!  Yes, it died and I forgot to pack my charger with me.  Oh the horror, right?  It died at 9371 steps for the day.  So even though I know I got well over 10,000 steps yesterday, it will not show it in my app or on the leader board. And today will be a big fat zero.  Yes, I'm obsessed with my fitbit.  And yes, there are worse obsessions I could have.  I will make sure not to travel without packing my charger again, that's for sure.  And hopefully next time I travel, I won't feel like I'm battling pneumonia.  

As I sit here in the airport, I don't have anxiety about boarding the plane to go home.  I know the seat belt will fit fine.  And my body will be comfortable in the seat.  I can't wait to get home and back to my routine, work, workouts, preparing my own food, walking with my friends and sleeping in my own bed.  Is it heaven? No, it's Iowa.  And there's no place like home.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

That lady's secret

It’s a lovely Sunday night in Des Moines.  Just unwinding from a fun filled weekend back home with my family.  Unpacking my bags and repacking them for a business trip the next few days.  There will definitely be challenges ahead since that will make one full week out of my routine of workouts and packing my own food every day.  Not to mention last week was the Iowa State Fair.  Whoa is me.  Monday I enjoyed some cheese curds and half a gyro.  Tuesday I managed to spend the afternoon at the fair without eating any fair food.  We are chalking that up as a total win.  The good thing about wondering around the fair and doing scavenger hunts for work, is that I got lots and lots of steps.  I know the next few days will entail lots of eating out and catered food but all I can do is make the best food choices possible while I’m gone and try to hit the gym at the hotel a few times or explore the city by foot. 

As I have already disclosed on here I’m currently going through a divorce.  No, please don’t say you’re sorry.  I’m not.  Nothing could be closer to the best thing for me.  Sometimes, no matter how much you may love a person, you have to wake up and realize that they are quicksand.  I finally pulled myself out and have found peace and joy.  To commemorate the impending divorce, I decided to get a tattoo.  I know, really, Lyndee?  The girl that thought tattoos were “so gross” just inked her 4th one.  I put it on my arm so that I could read it every day.  It’s a message that has rang true for me not only through the divorce, but also with my weight loss, work, writing...really any goal I’ve set for myself.  It’s an infinite symbol that says “she believed she could…so she did”.  Because we all know that I’m a very big fan of believing anything is possible and if you work hard and do the right thing, good will come your way.  So this is my forever mantra that will be with me until I’m no longer.  I really love it.  And my super supportive and awesome BFF got a matching one as well.  Which makes it even more special. 

Today I had a near panic attack at the mall.  I had to go buy bras.  I dread shopping like no one’s business.  But my friends convinced me that I had to go get some new bras and they had to be quality.  As any woman knows, the "girls" are often the first to go when it comes to weight loss.  It’s not TMI, it’s just the facts.  So anyway, Molly pushes me towards that overly pink store the world refers to as Victoria’s Secret.  I’ve never been able to buy anything in this store.  Ever.  To me this is a skinny person store and the sales ladies kind of freak me out.  But that’s an entirely different blog post all together.  Anyway, I go to Victoria’s…by myself…and the first worker does what I expected and kind of gives me the “what is she doing in here” look as if to say, she must be buying perfume and not undergarments.  I actually turned to leave when a different sales lady blocked my exit with big brown excited eyes.  “Hey, sweetie, how can I help you today?”  Oh crap.  I’m cornered like a honey badger.  I debate pushing the half-naked mannequin on top of her and jolting for the door but instead I suck it up and tell her I need to get measured for a bra.  She takes me back, measures, runs away and before I know it, she is shooting my size bras over the dressing room door like a crazy person. Can we say sensory overload?  I try on the first one and I have to admit, it’s nice.  In fact, it’s awesome.  Then I look at the price tag and nearly faint.  Yeah, I’m cheap.  I try what seemed like a dozen different styles, make my selection and exit the dressing room.  I successfully survived my first shopping experience at Victoria’s Secret.  Today is a total victory.  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Checking out LIfetime

Last night Audra and I went with Molly as her guests to the new monstrosity that is Lifetime Athletic Club in Des Moines.  Here’s a picture if you haven’t seen it yet. 

It was a bit mind boggling to say the least.  This thing needs its own map! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice facility with state of the art everything.  I’m just not used to all the perks of a health club like that and the people in suits and the fanciest locker rooms ever.  We did a class called TCX.  It’s described as “Athletic and intense, TCX features an ever-changing series of intelligent progressions that hit every muscle group”.  And hit every muscle group it did! There were a lot of lunges, planks, mountain climbers, burpees, etc.  We used the step, hand weights, yoga mat and a weighted ball.  My legs and arms were jello the rest of the night.  Which is a good thing. Today my arms still kind of hate me.  Tonight Audra and I are going to do Insanity at the Y so I hope my muscles will rally. 

Also, mad props to my Auntie M who is kicking all of our butts on the Fitbit steps friend list.  The girl went and got a new Flex and has been hammering it out every day.  You rock! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What I learned with LL Cool J

Even though I’m down 99 pounds from my heaviest point, there are still days I feel like a bloated heifer.  I don’t like how my clothes fit. My muffin top looks more like a spare tractor tire.  Or a picture gets taken where I feel like I have a double chin.  Whatever it may be, we all have had those days.  It’s not often, but they sneak up sometimes.  I’m pretty sure this is an inevitable woman curse.  We never think we look good enough when, in reality, we look great and no one is noticing all the tiny imperfections…except for ourselves. 

Sometimes I need a reminder of how far I’ve come and this was definitely a good one.  While unpacking my boxes in my new house I found this oldie but goodie picture.  It’s bittersweet.  I love it because it’s a picture of myself and LL Cool J whom I adore. Can you hear my heart pitter patter just thinking about his gorgeousness?  So on one hand, I cherish this picture.  On the other hand, I look like I ate a village full of people because my face is so fat and round. I mean, seriously. It’s like skin over an over pumped basketball.  And it makes me sad to know I was that size and never realized just how large I was.  But then I looked in the mirror and I thought, we’re good.  That’s progress.  No more quadruple chins.  I do in fact have a neck.  And, wait, what’s that? Collar bones! Hooray me! I decided that I would display this picture proudly on my dresser.  I didn’t want to hide it in a box because of embarrassment anymore. I wanted it out to remind me each morning when I grab my socks and skivvies that I have come a long way.  I’m not that girl anymore. And I will continue down that path until I reach my goal.  And I’m pretty sure LL and the fat old me in the picture will be cheering me along the way.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two weeks

Where to start? Where to start? It’s been a busy few weeks with my birthday, 4th of July mini-vacation, leaving my husband, moving into my new place and my Grandpa dying.  Let’s just say I’ve spent lots of time in a car the last few weeks.  And also, for the record, when you’re carrying boxes around the house and from the car, Fitbit doesn’t log your steps because your arms aren’t moving. What’s up with that, right?  Bummer. But I know I got a good workout moving because my arms were very sore so that’s a plus.  Lots of travel and moving over the course of a few days meant lots of pizza and drive thru’s. Which meant lots of fat and calories and eating quickly.  And few workouts.  My 20 year class reunion is only two weeks away and I’m 9 pounds from the goal I set for it.  My BFF and I are putting ourselves through a two week mini bootcamp of sorts and making the other accountable for logging food to get back on track.  It’s hot as Hades out so we’re opting for workouts at the YMCA instead of our usual outdoor adventures.  Here’s our schedule for the next few weeks:

Monday- Insanity class 5-5:30pm, Walk 3 miles
Tuesday-Deep Water class 5:15-6pm
Wednesday- Insanity class 5-5:30, Piloxing 5:40-6:35 pm
Thursday- Cardio/Strength class 4:30-5:15 pm, Deep Water 5:15-6 pm
Friday-Optional rest Day
Saturday-Aqua Boot Camp 8-9 am
Sunday-Walk Grays Lake

What is Piloxing you might ask?  Yeah, it’s a mix of kick boxing, pilates and ballet.  Ballet.  Seriously.  This could be my worst nightmare since I was born with no grace or rhythm.  But if nothing else, I’m sure I will be entertaining for the other people in the class to watch.  Has anyone ever tried that class? I know that the Insanity class is a butt kicker so hopefully I can survive them back to back.  Anyway, I’m hoping that our nightly workouts, plus my lunch time cardio plus watching my food like a hawk will garner some results.  Here’s to summer! Hope you are enjoying yours! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flattery will get you everywhere

Had a pretty active week and was pleased with my fitbit numbers and the numbers on the scale.  I love being able to get outside, walk with my friends and enjoy the weather.  For the first time since I met my husband 5 years ago, I weigh less than him. May sound odd but it's a major milestone for me since he's always been very fit.

I had a funny thing happen to me last night at the Y when I was shooting hoops.  A lady in her late 50's was watching her granddaughter play ball with her friends.  I was having a night where I couldn't miss a shot. As she was gathering her granddaughter she approached me with a smile. I took out my headphones and she asked if I played basketball for Simpson.  I laughed but she was serious.  I said, "no ma'am, I'm about to turn 38 years old."  The granddaughter piped up, "are you a coach?"  I told her no and I just like to play. She told me I should be a coach because I'm really good.  I talked with them a few minutes, took a few shots with the little girl and they went on their way.  But that was way cooler than being carded for alcohol.  Even though they were a bit delusional on the level of my skills it was awesome to be mistaken for much younger than I really am.  And the fact that I'm short and stout which is not the ideal body for a college athlete. Regardless, it gave me a warm fuzzy and lifted my spirits after a rough day.  

This weekend I will be joining my family for the annual "Alive & Running" race in Dunkerton for suicide prevention, in honor of Kirk.  It's always one of my favorite weekends of the year.  There are tears but there is also laughter and reminiscing and bonding together of those that gather. I can't wait to see my family on Friday.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dear Bailey

My cousin recently shared an issue she had with her daughter on Facebook.  I thought it was heartbreaking but I loved the way she decided to handle it.  I asked her permission to share with you in the event that it could help any other young women.  Here is what happened…

My 10 year old daughter recently told me something that has bothered me for a few days now. She informed that she needs to run more to lose weight. Then a few days later she asked me if she looked skinny enough? My heart broke. I was so disappointed that here is this little innocent girl that has been influenced by society and she is already starting to think she is not good enough. I felt like I had let her down. So after thinking about how I would approach this subject, I decided to write her the following letter. Hopefully it helps her understand. We ended up having a great talk about it afterwards and decided to share it just in case anyone else could ever use it. Lord knows that parenting is tough and it helps to have people talk about things like this  Especially because as parents we influence our kids by everything we do and say.

My Dear Bailey,
You recently mentioned to me about something that caused me a concern. That you want to be “skinny”. It worries me that you don’t realize what’s really important in life and it is my job as a parent to let you know.
Yes, it is important to be healthy. Eating right and exercise are important for bodies. But that is not the most important lesson I want to teach you. I want you to know that the most important thing in life is the size of your heart and not the size of your jeans.
Being a good person with a good heart is what I truly want for you.
What makes a good heart you ask? Well, a few things I can think of and that I need to remember sometimes too…
Be there for others, especially when they need help… Be honest…Give more than you take… Be Genuine... Be thoughtful in life… Make smart decisions… Be open minded… You can always learn from others, no one knows it all… Listen and learn from your elders… It’s not all about you & the world doesn’t revolve around you...Say your please and thank you’s & be grateful………And always listen to your mom & dad.
No, Bailey. It’s not your skin color, your weight, height or even what you wear that truly matters in life. It’s your heart. And when you are a person with a good heart, you are a good human being.
I love you to the moon and back my sweetie!!! And I love your heart.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Great advice posted on Facebook by Jillian Michaels today.

Monday, May 19, 2014

No good, nasty migraine

I’m getting my butt kicked in fitbit steps this week. Not just, oh shoot, I’m not in first.  But I’m in 5th!  5th?! Can you believe it. I can’t. I get so irritated when I look at the leaderboard.  I woke up last Monday at 4 am with a migraine.  Wednesday I went to the doctor and they gave me some shots but that didn’t help much.  Thursday I went to my amazing chiropractor Doctor Brett and that made a huge difference.  Friday I studied some stress reduction techniques. Glad to say, the pain has been gone for a  few days now.  But alas, I was not able to romp and run and play like I normally would last week and it has kicked me down the leaderboard.  So this week I will have to push really hard to get back on top. 

On a funny note, when I was in a meeting Thursday my pants fell off.  Not all the way off, thank god.  But they slide a good few inches down my booty when I went to stand up.  The fact that a small child could’ve crawled in my waistband with all the extra room I had in there should’ve been my first sign when I got dressed that morning.  So this weekend I went and bought a new pair of dress pants and put the others in my “too big” tote.  Two exciting things to note about the new pants.  I got them on clearance for $5.  Score.  Also, they are many sizes smaller than the ones I had to donate to the fat pants tote.  I haven’t been in this size since I returned from Biggest Loser and I’m looking forward to these pants getting bigger too.  That 20 year class reunion is slowly crawling closer and closer so I have to keep my focus keen. Right now I weigh about the same as I weighed when I graduated.  I want to be much smaller by the time August 2nd rolls around. 

It’s supposed to be beautiful and warming up this week here in the tall corn state so I plan to make the most of the great outdoors and get my fitness on.  I was hoping to try a new class at the Y on Wednesday night too but it’s going to have to wait until next week.  This Wednesday is a big night for the Hagebakke family.  My Uncle Mark and I will be giving out a scholarship to a wrestler in Dallas Center-Grimes in honor of the Kirk Hageman Memorial Fund.  It warms my heart to know that his legacy will live on through others that loved the sport of wrestling as much as he did.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our mantra

There’s a little saying in our house that my father always used, “Go big or go home”.  We are a competitive bunch.  But we don’t just use this phrase when it comes to card games and playing bags or sporting events.  It’s a common theme in our lives.  When I saw this on Pinterest, it made me think of my family.  It also made me think of workouts.

Maybe your Monday wasn’t awesome. Maybe you need a little Tuesday spark. An attitude adjustment.  The will to go all four quarters.  Read the above again.  You always have a choice.  In workouts, life, love, career…you can give up, give in or give it all you got. And if you’re not giving it all you got, then why are you doing it at all?  Stop wasting your time and everyone else’s.  I realize this is easier said than done some days.  But humor me and play by the 80/20 rule, for just ONE WEEK.  Give it all you’ve got for one week.  Seven days.  A mere 168 hours. If you can give all you’ve got 80% of the time for one week, you may be astounded by the changes you feel physically and mentally in any area of your life you apply this too.  And the feeling you get from doing that, may just carry over into week 2 and month 4 and 1 year down the road.  Imagine the changes and positive impact this could bring.  If you’re not willing to commit to a week then just give it one damn day.  But you don’t get to play 80/20 if you just do a day. Give every single fiber of your being for one full day and see what happens.  See how you feel when you lay down to sleep that night.  Accomplished? Proud? Maybe a bit exhausted, but in a good way. 

I made a quick trip to the cemetery to visit Kirk this weekend while I was home.  The back of his headstone, although it brings tears, also always makes me smile and motivates me.  Hagebakke Wrestling Forever.  Go big, or go home.  That’s what we do.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I couldn't have said this better myself.  Love, love, love this.  It was shared on Facebook this week by one of the hiking guides at Biggest Loser Resort I'm friends with.  I did just about every single one of those things while I was in Malibu with them but I didn't quit. Will you?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This is what I call bliss! Got to the Y and had the entire basketball court to myself. Well, for about 15 minutes anyway. Glorious! 

Happy birthday to my favorite trainer in the world today. Miss you, Boss, Scott, crazy man. 

Today we had a speaker at work. If you don't know the story of Ed Thomas, the Parkersburg tornadoes, his murder by a former student and the legend of the Sacred Acre, stop reading this immediately and check it out. His son Aaron spoke today. It was one of the most inspirational 90 minutes of my life. I laughed, I cried, I was inspired. If, when my time on earth is over, I could leave .000000000001 iota of the legacy that Ed Thomas did, I will have lived a wonderful life. One take away was life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Also, attitude. Everyday you wake up and you control your attitude. Will you be positive and live a life that inspires other? Or will you be negative or be a victim? Do you live with passion and desire? Do you utilize love, kindness and faith? Do you play all four quarters? Or quit when the going gets tough? Whether it's your work, family, health or community involvement, you control your attitude and effort. Don't waste precious time and energy on negativity. What will your legacy be? 

Monday, May 5, 2014


Sometimes a good sign that your strength training for the night has come to an end is when you slip off the stability ball and drop the weight on your toe. 

Does anyone use myfitnesspal with fitbit? After the updates this week, MFP now instantly uploads your fitbit steps if you have them synced. So, my question is, should I still be inputting my activity in MFP like I've always done? It only uploads steps but what if was going to enter cardio for running/walking for half an hour? I don't want it to double up or do anything funky like skew my calorie burn for the day. Thoughts on this? Anyone, anyone, Bueller? 

Back in Action

I spent a few days in Chicago last week for work. To say that wreaked havoc on my normal workout and eating schedule would be a drastic understatement.  It rained the entire time I was there so I couldn’t really go walk around and explore the city.  Plus, it was dark by the time I got out of my conferences each day.  Such a bummer.  They don’t tend to cater in healthy lunches and snacks at these events.  I really missed having a kitchen. Luckily I had taken some of my P3 packs with me to eat during plane rides and avoid fast food at the airport.  This turned out to be a really good move since my flights were delayed both ways and I spent a lot of time chilling in the terminals and smelling the aroma of dangerous foods.

But on a good note, my replacement fitbit was waiting for me when I returned home late Thursday night.  So now I can work hard to catch up with the girls on steps for the week.  I was lost without it. 

I’m debating signing up for a bootcamp at the Y for the next 5 weeks.  I have to check the schedule and make sure it doesn’t start today though.  Procrastinate much, Lyndee? 

This weekend I will be going home to celebrate Mother's Day and my darling nephews 1st birthday.  Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life?!?!?! He melts my heart.  Not that I'm biased or anything...