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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jillian Michaels Card Deck Challenge

A few of my close friends and I have an 'accountability' secret group page on FB where we can post our victories, share ideas, recipes, vent and generally just support each other on our goals to become healthier women. Today I threw down this challenge for the group.  And now I'm sharing it with you.  Here's the it, deck of cards, deal...anyway...

Do this workout by the end of the day Monday, September 22nd. You have 4 days. No equipment needed, except a deck of cards. I'm going to change out squats for reverse crunches. When you finish, post a picture of you and your deck of cards. It will be fun!! 

You don't have to post a picture but it would be a lot cooler if you did.  But you can just comment when completed if you wish.  

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