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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

And I would walk 500 miles...(The Proclaimers)

Now that I have that totally annoying song stuck in your head...
My November goal is to walk a minimum of 149 miles.  That is the equivalent of walking from my house to my brothers.  I will need to average 5 miles a day, which is doable.  Of course, the weekends always seem to be a little tougher to get the big workout in (which is totally odd since I have more time on the weekends but am easily sucked into laziness mode) so I will try to push for 6-7 miles on my weekdays so that I don’t get behind on a lazy football Sunday or if I’m out of town or something.  Prepare yourself, Fitbit, it is time to log some serious miles.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Never too young

Last night was a first.  I took Mitchell to the Y with me while I did class.  He wanted to jump rope upstairs. It's his new thing.  He's obsessed with it. Seriously, the kids too cute. Anyway, just before class started he came down to the pool with a sad look on his face saying he couldn't jump rope because he couldn't be upstairs by himself on the workout floor until he's 10.  He's only 8.  He didn't really feel like playing basketball and there was no open swim going on.  So I asked if he wanted to do pool class.  Others have brought their kids before and I told him he just had to stay at the shallow end.  He was so excited.  He did pretty good once he got the hang of it.  Of course, he's short and once those waves got to rocking he had a hard time staying above water but he didn't care. It was a game to him. And there were about 25 ladies in the pool commenting on how cute he was so he turned on his charms.  We finished class and the instructor asked him what he thought and he said "that was so easy!".  He was excited to tell his brother about the moves he did in the water and how we got to kick and punch like Jackie Chan. They way he demolished his dinner and instantly laid down because he was tired, I'm thinking it may have worn him out a little more than he wanted to admit.  :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Triple threat

It's Tuesday!!! Know what that means? Sculpt class at work over lunch with Melody and then I get to do double classes tonight at the Y.  Wave power and then water sculpt.  Yippee! I love Tuesday and Thursdays triple threat class day.  My arms sometimes hate me about midway through water sculpt but that's okay. They will thank me for it later.

Last night I did the wave power class and I almost left during the warm up. Not because I don't love the class or enjoy the teacher but because it was so dang full! It's hard to get your full cardio on when you are bouncing off of people with every step.  I am glad that I stayed and enjoyed it. I got home in time to make a quick dinner and watch The Voice. I absolutely love Blake Shelton.  That guy cracks me up like nobody's business.  Anyway, when I had first started my journey years ago my awesome and very talented father made me a stepper.  Nothing crazy.  Just a perfect sturdy box with handles that I can use whenever I feel I need some more steps.  I love it because he made it with love to help me along my journey.  It had been sitting in my closet for months.  So last night I pulled it out and sat it in front of my chair with two small dumbbells.  Every commercial break I was stepping and pressing which really adds up during a 2 hour show. It's not only a great way to sneak in some extra exercise but it also takes your mind off of all the terrible commercials that are playing and tempting you with bad food.  Win, win, people, win, win.