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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sleepy bear

My alarm screaming at me at 4:15 came pretty early this morning.  It was hard to get out of bed when it's just so cold in the house. But onward I trudged to Merle Hay to meet up with Molly and Scott for a 5:30 training session.  Boss spent the entire hour making fun my Packers controversial loss to the Seahawks Monday night.  He was smart though and made sure to work the crap out of our arms to the point of shaking so that I could not retaliate with physical violence.  I can tell already those bad boys are going to be sore tomorrow! So that should make painting a real blast.  Ha! Who needs functioning arms anyway?  They are so overrated.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The early bird gets the worm

They say the early bird gets the worm and I hope that is true.  As long as the worm is in the form of a steady weight loss.  Thursday Molly and I begin our 5:30 am sessions with Scott at Aspen.  It will be a change for us from our normal Tuesday night slot after 2 years but I'm looking forward to it.  I can't think of a better way to start my Thursday mornings.  Well, ok, maybe I could think of some more relaxing ways to start a morning but nonetheless, this will be good.

Had Warrior training last night. There were lots of new faces running around and following Todd's orders.  I'm looking forward to continuing that training on Monday nights and hopefully a few Wednesdays here and there, as my schedule allows.  I had planned to go to the gym tonight but it's so beautiful out I'm tempted to take my workout outside and enjoy what is probably a dwindling amount of sunny days here in Iowa.

I spent a lot of time on the phone last night and came away with two very important thoughts from two separate calls.  They may seem contradictory but in these situations, they are not.

One, take care of yourself and listen to your body! Know when enough is enough and be smart.  Dad, I love you and I'm glad that you are not being a stubborn ass or typical male and can admit when you need to slow down...finally.  Did I mention that I love you?  I can't wait to see you soon.

Secondly, go for it.  No matter what it is.  If you have a dream, be persistent.  Be smart.  Don't let anyone tell you that it can't be done. Dream, chase it and dream again.  That is what makes life worthwhile.  Others may not get what you are up to but if you believe in your heart that is what is meant to be, give it all you got and never regret that you gave it a shot.  Like I always say, shine and be brilliant.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's good to be back!

First, here is the link to the piece Channel 13 ran about our Warrior workout last night.  Thanks, Sonya and Erin for joining us!

Went back to Aspen with Scott last night.  It was obvious I hadn’t been there for training in weeks. I was totally out of my routine but I figure it will come back to me, just like riding a bike.  It was soooo nice to be with Boss again.  Even though our weigh in was less than stellar, I feel good about being back with him and training.  We put us through a tough workout to the point I was shaking when I walked to my car but it was awesome. It’s the good kind of shake.  And I can’t wait to go back next week and get things on track.  We will be switching from our normal Tuesday nights to Thursday mornings thanks to Molly’s mom and her willingness to trade us spots so I don’t have to kill 2 ½ hours in town after work on Tuesday nights before the workout and get home to Rob and the kids late.  Thanks, Char! 

We laid out some specific plans and talked about goals and I’m feeling good.  I will continue doing Warrior on Monday and Wednesdays as my schedule allows and throwing some Biggest Loser Resort workouts back in on the other days.  Sounds like a great mix of ingredients to me!  Now, if I can just get my food back under control, we will be golden.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How is where you hang your sweat towel

Today’s the day.  It’s finally here! The band is reuniting.  Ok, there’s no band but Scott, Molly and I will be training together again after an almost three month hiatus.  I cannot wait to see Scott and get bossed around and sweat and curse him under my breath! Woo hoo! 

Remember me telling you upon my return from Malibu how California law forces restaurants to list calories on their menus?  I love, love, love this!  It helps consumers make much better informed decisions and is very eye opening to what you are putting in your body.  I’ve been ranting since April that I wish Iowa would do this as well.  Guess what?  Some Iowa restaurants are beginning to follow the trend.  How awesome is that?  According to KCCI McDonald’s has started posting their calories on the menu already.  My favorite paragraph is the last one about Obama's health care overhaul.  I think this is wonderful news.  Now no one can claim they didn't know that the double quarter pounder with cheese and bacon and a super-sized fry is some people's daily calorie allowance in one meal.  

McDonald's said it has started posting calorie counts on menus in restaurants and on drive-through signs across the country, ahead of a new regulation that will require the information.

The new signs are already up at the drive-through at the Ames location on South Duff Avenue.  

The world's largest hamburger chain plans to officially announce the move Wednesday morning.  It's making the change as it tests healthier menu items.

For example, McDonald's Corp. said it's testing an Egg McMuffin that's made with egg whites and a whole grain muffin.

It's also testing versions of the McWrap, which are already sold in Europe and clocks in at less than 350 calories. And the chain said it will offer more seasonal fruits and vegetables through its limited-time offers.

President Obama's health care overhaul will require chains with 20 or more locations to post calorie counts as early as next year.

Read more:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Runs can be fun!!

Saturday night I went to a birthday party for a dear friend.  This was anything but typical and we had a blast! She went above and beyond in organizing an amazing night.  When RSVP’ing for the party you could opt for a 1 mile fun run or a short group walk.  Rob and I opted for the fun run.  When we arrived for “packet pick-up” we received a race bib, swag bag including pamphlets, a raygun t-shirt designed for the race, cowbell and healthy snacks.  We then took an adult Gatorade shot.  There was a beautiful rendition of national anthem sung before we started the race.  It wasn’t competitive but a great way to get everyone together and active before an evening of food, drinks and cake.  There was a also a band if you wanted to sweat away some more pounds dancing.  This was such a neat idea.  Teresa has been a key motivator, mentor and friend to Molly and I so I was honored to share in her special night. 

 Tomorrow night I start with Scott again. I am so excited!! I have missed the crap out of my Tuesday night workouts with Scott and Molly.  And I’m looking forward to having that accountability of weekly weighins again.  Weird, I know.  I may also be doing the fall warrior program on Monday and Wednesdays as my schedule allows. I have a couple big projects in the work that will require much of my free time but I would love to continue to train with Todd and his band of warriors too.  One can never have too much fitness or great friends around them.  We had a group outing on Friday to celebrate our wrapping up of the summer program and it was a lot of fun. 

Remember to tune into Channel 13 WHO-TV tomorrow night for the Warrior Workout of the Week with Erin and Sonya.  We taped this a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to see the piece and for everyone to watch what Warrior is all about.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Workout of the week

For those of you that are wondering, WHO Channel 13 will air the Warrior workout of the week on Tuesday, September 18th.  This will be on the 5 pm newscast.  Tune in and see all the wackiness that was Warrior Training with Todd and the crew.  Sonya and Erin did a great job and it should be pretty entertaining stuff.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Remember

I can’t tell you what I wore to work last Wednesday.  I can’t tell you what I had for dinner Thursday night.  But I can tell you that 11 years ago this morning I was in the shower listening to Danny and Jamie on the radio, a normally outlandish talk show.  It was around 6 am and a beautiful morning in Los Angeles.  As the music stopped I realized that Jamie was crying. They said that a plane had flown into the World Trade Center.  At first I thought it might be a hoax but something in their voices told me that it was real.  I jumped out and ran to the tv and watched the smoke billow from the tower.  I fell into a heap on the couch.  Oh my god.  I heard the tv talk about an accident, possibly a terrorist attack…I couldn’t believe the latter.  I went to my sisters room and woke her up.  I think I woke up my other roommates too.  I returned to the tv just in time to see the 2nd plane hit.  I cried and cried.  The words hijacked and terrorism now rung across the air waves. This was not happening, I thought.  Who could do this?  I watched people jump to their deaths.  I saw people racing down the sidewalks for their lives.  I remember they were covered in ash.  My heart broke over and over again. 

The local news issued alerts for Los Angeles saying the planes were headed here.  Panic spread that our city was the next target.  I called my mom and told her we were okay.  My roommates didn’t go to work that day but I did.  I remember being on the normally chaotic 101 freeway.  There were no horns, no music blaring, no one road raging and screaming obscenities.  It was dead silent.  With my window down all I could hear were the voices on the radio talking about Flight 11, Flight 175, Flight 93, Flight 77…I could see and hear people crying.  Everyone was in shock. Everyone was watching the sky. 

They closed down the studios and businesses in high rises in LA.  They closed down the airport. My boss still thought we should work through the day.  I told him that if I was going to die today, it will be at home with my sister and my friends, not in a tiny recording studio in Hollywood.  I left and went home to cry and watch the news and ask questions that had no answers and scream at God in my head and then pray for those that were involved.  

I will never forget that day.  As long as I live.  The fear that beat through our hearts.  The way we jumped when we heard a plane fly overhead.  The deafening silence when all the planes stopped flying.  It was a day that changed everything.  Not only am I a long ways from my former life in LA, but I’m no longer the girl I was that day either.  I guess remembering the event today kind of puts things in a really harsh perspective.  I didn’t lose anyone I loved directly that day but I felt so empty for a long time.  So today I want to be grateful and thankful for the life and blessings around me.  The incredible love that I wake up to each morning, the chances I’ve been given to make a better life for myself and my family and the knowledge that each day I strive to be a little better than the last.  Time is short.  Nothing is promised.  Count your blessings.  Live each day to the fullest.  Honor the victims.  Help those less fortunate.  Shine and be brilliant.        

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rocking the warrior shirt

At the completion of warrior training, Todd gave us t-shirts.  They are pretty cool.  Here is the front and back.  I can’t tell you how many times I heard him say “for warriors, not wimps” so the back makes a lot of sense to me.  He loves to pound that mantra into our head.  And now, we can proudly display it on our backs.  It’s a great reminder.  Thanks, Todd!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tailgating and Triathlons

Tailgating and triathlons...they go hand in hand, right?  Ha! Good luck to my triathlon partners in crime, Melody and Molly as they conquer some tri's this weekend.  Molly will be doing LeMars tomorrow and Melody doing the Cy-tri on Sunday.  I will be cheering them on from afar and testing new recipes for tailgating.  Good luck ladies. I know you are going to rock it out.  Next year, I will be with you again.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

That's a wrap

Last night was the final night of Warrior training.  The best way to describe it was hell in the sand pit.  There was no easy workout for our final farewell.  This was balls to the wall, down and dirty and brutal.  Wheelbarrows, bear crawls, burpees, sprints, crab walks and resistance band around the stomach pulling your partner through the sand tough.  By the time we finished I was caked in sand and sweat.  If you threw me in an oven I would’ve possibly turned into a brittle little piƱata.  I will really miss everyone there and all the wonderful support they showed me, especially Kara and Audra.  Those ladies ROCK! I can’t wait to see everyone again next Friday for our Warrior celebration.  And good luck to our Wisconsin Tough Mudders this weekend.  Todd, Desi, Joel and Beth…kick some butt!!  We will all be rooting for you and know that you will do awesome.  Todd, thank you for pushing us all beyond our comfort zone, even when I wanted to strangle you.  You are a great coach and we are blessed to be a part of your program and have you as a mentor for Mitchell and Michael’s wrestling.  I will let everyone know as soon as I find out when our workout of the week will be airing on WHO Channel 13. 

Kara, Lyndee & Audra

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


For those that have been looking for my pinterest princess experiment blog we have changed the name!!  Sorry for any confusion.  You can find us at and on facebook as testingtrendy123.  Thanks!

I am the warrior

Tonight is the last night of Warrior training.  It is bittersweet, of course.  This program has definitely been a change up from my normal and my comfortable.  Sometimes that’s just what we need to do, right?  I loved this program and felt that it pushed me to try a lot of new things.  I also met some really amazing friends in my co-warriors.  Let me tell you, these people rock!  As does Todd, who runs the program.  The support I’ve received from my warriors has been a bit mind boggling.  We are all at very different levels of fitness and looking for many different results from the program but we are indeed a team.  I would recommend this program to anyone that is looking to add some variety and spice to their training, as long as you don’t mind getting a little dirty and being out in the elements.  If you want to be pushed to the next level, this will definitely do it. 

Next week is a free for all which will be weird.  Molly and I don’t return to Scott until the 18th so I have a week of no one telling me what to do.  I have been missing the gym, familiar faces, the treadmill and some of the classes I learned at Biggest Loser Resort.  I’m looking forward to doing some of the old goodies next week.  Maybe they will remind me how this all got started in the first place.  There are days this summer that I’ve just felt like I’ve been on auto pilot, especially with my cardio workouts.  I haven’t pushed like I know I could.  I just get on the machine and go through the motions like a robot.  It’s showing on my scale, my mindset and my overall attitude.  I have become a bit complacent.  This is no good and needs to stop.  It’s been 2 ½ years on a journey to a healthier Lyndee and well, some days I just get tired of it.  There’s the truth that I never want to admit.  It’s not easy.  I’m not whining, I swear.  No one ever said it would be easy and I know that nothing worth having comes easy.  But some days I just wish it wasn’t so damn hard to stay on track!!  I also know that short of having my jaw wired shut that this all lies on me.  I chose this.  I wanted this.  These are my choices, good and bad.  I have to live with them.  I guess that’s why I haven’t been writing as often lately.  I’m not proud of some of the choices I’ve been making with my food and portions.  I’m not proud of the fact that I’ve gained back some of the weight I lost while I was in Malibu.  I’m not proud that I have been caught up in life and all the demands that come with it and have pushed myself as a priority to the side.  I haven’t kicked it to the curb or anything but I haven’t been zoned in like I was at my most successful times.  I’ve been distracted and it’s easy to push healthy eating and workouts to the back burner when life gets hectic.  I just have to remind myself how important it is to keep improving, getting stronger, finding that mental fire again and start conquering the scale like I know I can if I take the right steps.  It’s funny, all the times that I had heard people from Biggest Loser or those that have lost incredible amounts of weight, when they would start gaining it back I just couldn’t comprehend it.  I didn’t understand how someone could go through all that hard work and then just “throw it all away” and return to their old habits.  I guess I shouldn’t have been such a judgmental witch.  That karma, she’s always knocking on our door, isn’t she?  I don’t want to be another statistic and I know that I need to get it back under control as soon as possible.  Motivate, dominate, destroy.