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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Never too young

Last night was a first.  I took Mitchell to the Y with me while I did class.  He wanted to jump rope upstairs. It's his new thing.  He's obsessed with it. Seriously, the kids too cute. Anyway, just before class started he came down to the pool with a sad look on his face saying he couldn't jump rope because he couldn't be upstairs by himself on the workout floor until he's 10.  He's only 8.  He didn't really feel like playing basketball and there was no open swim going on.  So I asked if he wanted to do pool class.  Others have brought their kids before and I told him he just had to stay at the shallow end.  He was so excited.  He did pretty good once he got the hang of it.  Of course, he's short and once those waves got to rocking he had a hard time staying above water but he didn't care. It was a game to him. And there were about 25 ladies in the pool commenting on how cute he was so he turned on his charms.  We finished class and the instructor asked him what he thought and he said "that was so easy!".  He was excited to tell his brother about the moves he did in the water and how we got to kick and punch like Jackie Chan. They way he demolished his dinner and instantly laid down because he was tired, I'm thinking it may have worn him out a little more than he wanted to admit.  :)

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Anonymous said...

kids... too funny!