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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Four weeks

Today is four weeks since my surgery and I can FINALLY say that I am feeling back to normal. I still get tired easily but I'm able to push through.  Yesterday I felt like old Lyndee again.  I got well over my 10,000 steps, did my first light strength training (arms & abs), stayed under my calories for the day, logged everything I ate and got in quite a bit of water.  Hooray for feeling human again.  I restart my 8 week trainer sessions on February 28th.  Until then, I'm working on my own strength training to get me ready for it. Also, been enjoying my fitbit challenges with my awesome friends.  I credit my competitive nature to my mother's side of the family.  Gotta love those crazies. I have 11 pounds to go to my first weightloss milestone/goal.  And I have another number in mind for April. No matter what life throws your way, adapt and keep on keeping on, people.  Find a way to do it rather than excuses.

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