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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Airplane victories

There was a time when I flew a lot and I hated it.  If you've ever been overweight and traveling on a plane, you can surely relate.  If you haven't been, rejoice in that.  Airplane aisles are tiny.  Even "normal" size people often have to turn sideways to make their way down them.  Seats are piled on top of each other and a person that is overweight can't help but "spill" onto the people next to them.  Middle seats suck the worst, then aisle.  I always requested a window seat if I had a choice.  Also, there is the issue of seat belts.  It wasn't that long ago that I found myself in tears on a plane, literally shoving and willing my fat to jiggle into a mold that would allow the seat belt to fit without requesting an extension.  I believe it is one of the most humiliating things one can go through. Or worse, if they charge you for two seats on a place because you are too big.  I never had to pay for two seats but I did have many times where I could barely buckle my belt.  I remember once having a snarky size 2 stewardess tell me very loudly that she could go get me an extension. The other passengers watched me, some with pity, some with disgusts as I jammed myself into that seat belt, barely able to breath. I refused to get an extension.  Even though I'm over 100 pounds smaller now, I still feel that anxiety when I go to get on a plane.  Old habits die hard, I guess.  When I left for my work trip on Monday, I was very pleasantly surprised when I went to buckle up for safety.  It not only fit, but the excess seat belt flowed to my knee.  I had a good 6 or so inches of seat belt left over.  It was an amazing feeling.  

While away for work I was sure to work every day on getting my steps.  Monday night it was storming and I was 1500 short so I walked in place in my hotel room until I got my 10,000 steps and then did some crunches before bed.  Tuesday I did one of my afternoon conference calls from the treadmill in the hotel gym.  I walked to and from dinner. I walked around the building on breaks. And then, IT happened. My fitbit battery died!  Yes, it died and I forgot to pack my charger with me.  Oh the horror, right?  It died at 9371 steps for the day.  So even though I know I got well over 10,000 steps yesterday, it will not show it in my app or on the leader board. And today will be a big fat zero.  Yes, I'm obsessed with my fitbit.  And yes, there are worse obsessions I could have.  I will make sure not to travel without packing my charger again, that's for sure.  And hopefully next time I travel, I won't feel like I'm battling pneumonia.  

As I sit here in the airport, I don't have anxiety about boarding the plane to go home.  I know the seat belt will fit fine.  And my body will be comfortable in the seat.  I can't wait to get home and back to my routine, work, workouts, preparing my own food, walking with my friends and sleeping in my own bed.  Is it heaven? No, it's Iowa.  And there's no place like home.  

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