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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two weeks

Where to start? Where to start? It’s been a busy few weeks with my birthday, 4th of July mini-vacation, leaving my husband, moving into my new place and my Grandpa dying.  Let’s just say I’ve spent lots of time in a car the last few weeks.  And also, for the record, when you’re carrying boxes around the house and from the car, Fitbit doesn’t log your steps because your arms aren’t moving. What’s up with that, right?  Bummer. But I know I got a good workout moving because my arms were very sore so that’s a plus.  Lots of travel and moving over the course of a few days meant lots of pizza and drive thru’s. Which meant lots of fat and calories and eating quickly.  And few workouts.  My 20 year class reunion is only two weeks away and I’m 9 pounds from the goal I set for it.  My BFF and I are putting ourselves through a two week mini bootcamp of sorts and making the other accountable for logging food to get back on track.  It’s hot as Hades out so we’re opting for workouts at the YMCA instead of our usual outdoor adventures.  Here’s our schedule for the next few weeks:

Monday- Insanity class 5-5:30pm, Walk 3 miles
Tuesday-Deep Water class 5:15-6pm
Wednesday- Insanity class 5-5:30, Piloxing 5:40-6:35 pm
Thursday- Cardio/Strength class 4:30-5:15 pm, Deep Water 5:15-6 pm
Friday-Optional rest Day
Saturday-Aqua Boot Camp 8-9 am
Sunday-Walk Grays Lake

What is Piloxing you might ask?  Yeah, it’s a mix of kick boxing, pilates and ballet.  Ballet.  Seriously.  This could be my worst nightmare since I was born with no grace or rhythm.  But if nothing else, I’m sure I will be entertaining for the other people in the class to watch.  Has anyone ever tried that class? I know that the Insanity class is a butt kicker so hopefully I can survive them back to back.  Anyway, I’m hoping that our nightly workouts, plus my lunch time cardio plus watching my food like a hawk will garner some results.  Here’s to summer! Hope you are enjoying yours! 


Anonymous said...

Where does one Pilox? I have not heard of such a thing. Sorry to hear about the move, hope you are in a good place.

LH said...

The Piloxing class is offered at the Walnut Creek YMCA in Des Moines. We will be trying it out next Wednesday. I will keep everyone posted how it goes. And thank you. I am in a much better place now. :)

Anonymous said...

I hAve been following your blog since you went to the biggest loser ranch! Then found out you trained with Scott too at aspen! I pulled into my driveway the other day and noticed the " new" neighbor was out mowing... Who was it but YOU!! Too funny!! Welcome to the neighborhood!! It's a good one!! If you ever need a walking buddy at night or in the mornings let me know!!!

LH said...

That's hilarious! What's your name? And which house are you in neighbor?

Anonymous said...


I'm across the street in the tan split level... Next to the bright lemon colored house ha!!

LH said...

That's awesome! You will have to stop by sometime so we can meet officially. :)