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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flattery will get you everywhere

Had a pretty active week and was pleased with my fitbit numbers and the numbers on the scale.  I love being able to get outside, walk with my friends and enjoy the weather.  For the first time since I met my husband 5 years ago, I weigh less than him. May sound odd but it's a major milestone for me since he's always been very fit.

I had a funny thing happen to me last night at the Y when I was shooting hoops.  A lady in her late 50's was watching her granddaughter play ball with her friends.  I was having a night where I couldn't miss a shot. As she was gathering her granddaughter she approached me with a smile. I took out my headphones and she asked if I played basketball for Simpson.  I laughed but she was serious.  I said, "no ma'am, I'm about to turn 38 years old."  The granddaughter piped up, "are you a coach?"  I told her no and I just like to play. She told me I should be a coach because I'm really good.  I talked with them a few minutes, took a few shots with the little girl and they went on their way.  But that was way cooler than being carded for alcohol.  Even though they were a bit delusional on the level of my skills it was awesome to be mistaken for much younger than I really am.  And the fact that I'm short and stout which is not the ideal body for a college athlete. Regardless, it gave me a warm fuzzy and lifted my spirits after a rough day.  

This weekend I will be joining my family for the annual "Alive & Running" race in Dunkerton for suicide prevention, in honor of Kirk.  It's always one of my favorite weekends of the year.  There are tears but there is also laughter and reminiscing and bonding together of those that gather. I can't wait to see my family on Friday.

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