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Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Coma

I hope everyone is recovering from their turkey comas! It was a bit blustery outside and so I tried to stay busy in the warmth of the house helping my mom get ready to host the Hageman family.  My food choices weren't great but I tried to practice portion control.  I even skipped the famous chocolate Oreo ice cream dessert Saturday night. That was probably a first for my lifetime.

After two weeks without Scott I am looking forward to getting back to training this week! Man, do I need it. My plan is to get in some serious cardio the next few days and then let him shred the crap out of my muscles on Thursday.

My goal this week is four days of cardio and to log my food EVERY DAY! It sounds simple but it doesn't always happen so I'm throwing it out there for all to see.  Feel free to join me if you would like.  I can always use the extra support.

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