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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Motivate, dominate, destroy

Motivate, Dominate, Destroy

Tonight is the last night of Warrior. I’m quite sad about that.  I will miss the wrestling room torture and seeing my dear friends I have made out in Runnells.  I will be going back to some classes at the gym like zumba, kickboxing, doing my mountain and treading routines from Biggest Loser Resort and continuing on Thursdays with Scott and Molly so that will be fun.  I really need to get a focus back on my cardio and intensity. 

Molly and I have always used the phrase “motivate, dominate, destroy” to fire us up for our journey to healthier people.  I don’t feel like I have had any of these three things working for me in the last few months.  My husband knows I’ve been struggling and has tried to help me repeatedly.  He’s in a very tough spot as a man because although I want his undying love and support, I do not want him to be honest with me when I suck.  It’s a very tight rope he is forced to try and walk.  In reality, he can’t really win because I’m an emotional freak some days but he continues to try and motivate me in ways that won’t deflate my mind or make me mad.  Today he sent me an email with a picture of my Biggest Loser Resort homecoming, rocking my little black dress and asked me not to forget how strong I was and how great that felt.  

He also sent me a little equation to keep in mind with our theme.  It’s simple and true.    

Motivate=emotional - what if u can?
Dominate=mental - convince yourself that all obstacles can be overcome (I.e. food, distractions, inhibitors)
Destroy=physical - pushing the limit ceiling higher and higher. Owning what's rightfully yours.
Motivate, dominate, destroy=RESULTS

I’m going to try and get a small group competition or collaboration, if you will, put together with some close friends and family.  I know I could sure use some motivation and accountability for the next 10 weeks to get through the holidays. What do you do over the holidays to stay on track?  

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