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Monday, July 2, 2012

Above all

As of this morning this little blog I started in February has had over 10,088 views.  That is insane and makes me so happy.  I am truly touched that people continue to read about my journey even after my return from Biggest Loser Resort.  From the bottom of my heart, a million thank you’s for making me feel like what I’m doing is relevant, and hopefully, inspiring.  Also, thank you for all the birthday wishes!! I had an amazing and perfect weekend at home with my family.  2012 has been an incredible year and the second half is starting off just as wonderful. 

Writer Nora Ephron died last week.  It was a sad day for me.  Her and John Hughes played a big part in my moving to LA so many years ago and pursuing my entertainment writing career.  It’s weird when people you idolized pass but I find it is joyful to look back at the impact they made on me.  No, I never sold the next “Sixteen Candles” or “When Harry Met Sally” to a movie studio but I have some scripts in my closet I am pretty darn proud of.  Maybe they didn’t get shared with the world on a big screen, but writing them brought me happiness, tears, strength and therapy.  And I wouldn’t trade the things I learned and the life I lived in Hollywood for a million dollars.  It helped mold me into who I am today. 

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”  Nora Ephron

Every day you are faced with decisions and choices and it is up to you to write each act.  It is so easy to be a victim.  It’s so easy to write off your circumstances as unchangeable and unfair.  It takes courage to keep fighting and say I will not give up.  I will not be the victim.  I will be strong.  But each of us has that option.  It won’t be an easy stroll down lollipop lane, but that’s what makes life magical!  The bumps and twists along the way are what shape us into individuals.  All too often I hear people play the victim card when it comes to getting healthy.  I’ve used it myself time and again.  There will always be excuses readily available as to why you can’t get healthy.  Those are a dime a dozen.  Saying you don’t have enough time or money or don’t know how to start, those are words from victims.  A heroine gets up each day and says today I will make these small changes and I will succeed.  It may take several attempts but if you have the heart of a heroine, you can find a way to continue day after day, knowing that great joy and honor will find you on this path.  Why would you choose to be the victim?  Because it’s easy?  Because you’re scared?  Why wouldn’t you fight against any and all odds to be the best person you can possibly be each day?  How silly that you can’t make the time to make yourself shine and be brilliant.  If you don’t do it yourself, who do you think will do it for you?  

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