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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The heat is on

I’m looking forward to working out in the cool air conditioning of a gym tonight.  This summer in Iowa has been ridiculously hot with temps near 100 most days, not counting the heat index.  Mix in some thick humidity and you have real nasty air out there.  It’s only fitting then that my Monday and Wednesday night workouts are outside, in a field, sweating my bumpkins off.  Warrior last night was an awesome and challenging workout as usual but man, was it hot.  Every inch of my clothing was soaked with sweat.  If Todd has made us do one more round of kettle bells I may have tossed my cookies.  We “cooled down” with what he called a “light half mile jog” and called it a night.  What’s fun about exercise to me as I progress is that feeling when you think you can’t take another step and then you do.  There’s no feeling like when you conquer that.  How desperately I wanted to walk that last ¼ mile last night and then I heard footsteps behind me and Lynn tell me I was doing a good job and I knew that I had to keep jogging… left foot, right foot…until the finish.  I didn’t throw up or collapse.  I finished and that felt pretty awesome.  I took the picture below after standing around talking for half an hour and then being in an air conditioned car. I was purple and drenched the entire 30 minute drive home.  A shower has never felt so awesome.  Tomorrow night is supposed to be even warmer (102 without heat index) and God only knows what Todd has in store for us but I will keep trudging through, left foot, right foot, because I’m pretty sure at this point, I AM A WARRIOR!!

Had a great weekend food wise and still rocking it out this week.  Since my meltdown last Monday I finally feel like I’m getting it together.  It is a welcome change.  I have no doubt in my mind that it will all pay off on the scale again Friday morning.  I can’t wait to report to Scott! Tonight will be cardio, Wednesday Warrior, Thursday I will do some Biggest Loser Resort treading and probably do a double day on the elliptical later that night.  We’re home this weekend which is also a plus because it’s soooo much easier to control my food and workouts when we’re not traveling.  Less than three weeks to the wedding and I will be able to breathe in this dress.  I promise you that. 

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