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Friday, July 27, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun

I’m so excited I can hardly sit still.  I’m heading home this morning for a weekend all about my sissy and I can’t wait.  I’m picking up my nephew from daycare when I get to town so I can get some quality time in with him before he goes to his dad’s for the weekend.  I’m thinking I’ll take him to the park and get him some ice cream.  Tonight will be working on wedding stuff and relaxing.  Tomorrow I get to have lunch with Sissy, Erin, Debbie and Grandma Donna. I can’t wait! I love those ladies so much and time with them always makes me smile and feel so good.  In the afternoon we will start our totally rad transformation to flashback 80’s prom goers before we head out and about on the town for Sissy’s bachelorette party.  I hope she loves all the fun things I have planned for her. 

I’ve been worried all week about food this weekend.  I know I’ll be eating out a lot and drinking which usually leads to snacking.  It’s a vicious cycle.  And then I decided, you know what, it’s my only sisters celebration and I’m going to enjoy it.  And no, I don’t feel bad knowing I’m going to have Mabe’s pizza for dinner Saturday night and empty calorie cocktails with the ladies.  I will get in my workouts and try to control my portions but I’m also going to live my life without feeling guilty because my rum and diets are going to put me over my calories for the day.  Besides, there will be a lot of dancing and that’s a great way to burn it off.  When I get home Sunday I will fall right back into my routine and kick some more butt, but from this afternoon until Sunday morning, it’s all about fun and making sure my sister has the time of her life before we marry her off next Saturday.  I could never feel guilty about that.  Even if I wanted too, I would be too busy laughing at our awesome 80’s prom dresses.  This weekend I will shine and be brilliant in satin, pearls, blue eye shadow and crimped hair, because we're Hagebakke's and that's what we do.  

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