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Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have to give props to my step-daughter Maia, here.  I don’t know how she spent her summer on crutches in a cast and then in a walking boot for 5 weeks after breaking her leg. I just completed week 1 of the walking boot and it was terrible!  The doctor said I had to wear it for a week, maybe longer if it wasn’t feeling better.  Well today is a week and I’m hoping I never have to put it on again.  It’s hot, it’s awkward and it makes my calves cramp up because I apparently walk funny in it.  Kind of like after a night of wearing high heels but all day, every day. 

I took it off last night and went to Warrior.  I was a little nervous but my body needed some action.  I didn’t run the 2 ½ miles with everyone else during laps.  While they did that, I walked briskly back and forth along the flat grass to warm up.  I was able to do all the functional training though.  Abs, Kettle bells, squats, around the world…all the weight stuff.  And it felt good. My muscles were happy.  I didn’t sprint between the stations like normal but I did jog as quickly as I could down and back.  It went really well until the mountain climbers came and I didn’t think before jumping back into position.  Pain seared through my foot and I dropped like a wet nap onto the grass.  Dumb.  Luckily that was the second to last set and all I had left after that was jumping jacks.  I modified them and finished the night.  All the action was a little rough on my foot but much harder on my ego.  I hate being slow and feeling like I can’t do everything the others do.  This is warrior training, not for wimps, as the t-shirts say.  I had to remind myself that I wasn’t a wimp but instead was being precautionary as to not make my injury worse.  Friday night is tough mudder obstacles.  Now that should be interesting.  I will try to remember to take a few pictures if I can. 

Today we have a team outing for work so we are trying my first full day without the boot.  We’re heading to Sleepy Hollow for disc golf, laser tag, basketball and volleyball.  I brought my ankle brace along in case my foot starts acting up but I’m really looking forward to spending the day being active with my teammates! I can’t wait.  I brought a sack lunch of tuna and string cheese and after we eat, the fun begins.  Then off to the gym and finally home at some point in the evening to eat dinner and relax for a bit. 

Oh, remember the Lunch and Learn workshop I gave the other day at work?  And remember my post about “Just One” and my hopes to help people make better decisions?  This is part of an email I received yesterday from one of the leaders in health & wellness so hooray for mission accomplished!!

“I saw someone in Pizza Hut afterwards that attended.  She told me she was planning to get breadsticks and then reconsidered – thinking about what you had said!  So you helped one person make a better decision yesterday (that we know of)!  I’m sure there were many more.“

If you’re in Iowa enjoy the beautiful weather the next few days.  Word on the street is the excess 100+ degree temps are on their way back as soon as Tuesday.  

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