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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sometimes you have to cry to cleanse.  That’s what I needed last night.  I survived my meltdown and feel much better today.  I spent a few hours talking to my husband, crying, being a maniac about not doing well enough, wondering why I couldn’t get it together and he helped me, as always, put things into perspective and get a grip.  I set some mini goals for the coming weeks and today was a fresh start.  So far my food is picture perfect for the day.  I’m going to try swimming tonight so that I can get some cardio but hopefully not agitate the foot. 

I presented my story at work today to about 100 people in what they call a "Lunch and Learn".  I was pretty nervous, especially after the way I felt last night.  How was I supposed to get up in front of people and inspire them to get healthy when I was a poster child for emotional eating last night?  Well, I decided, who better for the job then someone that continues to get knocked down by food…but always gets back up and continues fighting?  I think it went pretty well.  I shared my journey, gave some advice, and answered questions.  Hopefully it was as fun for the people that were there or listening via teleconference as it was for me to give.  It helped to rejuvenate my brain a bit, that’s for sure.  Going through those pictures and slides while talking about how far I’ve come was a great reminder of exactly that; how far I’ve come.  And that’s what I had lost sight of last night.  There will always be good and bad days.  Last night was a very bad one but that doesn’t mean today can’t be great.  Thank you to those that spent their lunchtime listening, stayed to ask questions or sent me emails after.  It gives me so much inspiration.  Today I remind myself to try and shine and be brilliant, even on a day that seems dark.  Remember that little redheaded orphan Annie?  She was right…the sun does come out tomorrow.    

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Anonymous said...

Good job! I knew you could do it! You got it in you girl!