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Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Yesterday was a great day! Our team outing was so much fun.  We played the basketball game 21, sand volleyball, laser tag and disc golf.  I may be the worlds worst disc golfer, or folfer as my cousin Shelby called it but it was great to have some activity and fun in the sun with a wonderful team.  And I have battle wounds (bruises) to prove my participation in volleyball with a round brick, er, I mean, slightly hard volleyball.  I was thinking if I ever win the lottery I will definitely be setting up a laser tag course in my backyard.  Last night I went to the gym and did an hour on the elliptical and some abs and arms.  I had a great burn yesterday since I wasn’t sitting a desk all afternoon.  A girl could get used to numbers like that.  I was worried about weighin this morning since I spent the week in a walking boot and had limited activity.  Since my meltdown Monday night I watched my food like a hawk and it paid off on the scale.  Hooray for that.  Sissy’s wedding is 3 weeks from tomorrow so if I continue my good eating and get back to my normal workout schedule we should be golden. Knowing I am home this weekend with no crazy plans helps me feel much more at ease and confident that I will have a good weekend as far as food goes, unlike the 5 previous.  

Laser tag at Sleepy Hollow

We’re taking the kids to Adventureland today so my calorie burn should be decent walking around, although I won’t be able to wear my bodybugg in the water park so I will have to log that activity manually.  At 6 we’re doing a 4 mile warrior obstacle course.  That should be…interesting.  I’m a little scared but also think it could be fun to see what Todd has come up with to torture us.  I will not do anything to mess up my foot.  I promise.  I will push myself without stupidity and give it my best.  I don’t ever plan to do a tough mudder race but I’ve contemplated doing a warrior dash so this will be a good trial run to see what I think of the process.  Speaking of Warrior dashes, good luck to everyone that is doing the race in Earlham tomorrow.  Kick some butt my central Iowans! Happy Friday the 13th and have a super weekend.  

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