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Friday, August 17, 2012

Warriors Rule

Warriors rule

We all survived Warrior Wednesday night.  There was a few times when I was afraid that Sonya and Erin weren’t going to be my friend anymore, judging by the looks on their faces during some of the exercises.  Not only did they survive but I they totally kicked butt in our hour long craziness.  Todd pulled out some real doozies for the night. My least favorite by far was the Turkish getups with a heavy bag.  What is wrong with the Turks?  Just stand up, fools.  No need for all that nonsense and definitely not with a 40 pound bag of sand on your shoulder.  Come to think of it, I wasn’t a fan of the 2 minutes of moving planks using the heavy bag either.  Apparently, it was not my night for heavy bags.  There was kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, sand pit sprints, suicides, high knees, etc., tractor tires and resistance bands for the cherry on top.  It was a butt kicker and I think WHO got some really great footage of everyone.  Hopefully nothing too embarrassing though.  We shall see when it airs, along with the interviews with Todd and I.  It was a lot of fun having them out there so thank you again Sonya and Erin!  Great job to everyone that participated!!! 

This week has been pretty stressful in general and I’m trying to find my happy place that is non-food related.  Some days are better than others.  Lack of sleep and stress have been wreaking havoc on my scale and I’m not too happy about it.  Maybe I need some meditation…or medication.  Just kidding.  I’m hoping to catch up on sleep this weekend and release some worries.  Looking forward to a fun luau with friends and catching the last day of the Iowa State Fair.  No, I'm not attending for the food, Boyz II Men is on the free stage and I heart them. They were the first concert I ever went to. *sigh*  It looks to be a great weekend.  Have fun, shine and be brilliant, everyone.  


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