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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Are you ready for some fun?

Good morning!!  I’m in a great mood today.  I have a new project under way that I think will mix well with this blog every so often.  I’m a huge fan of Pinterest.  It’s a great tool for finding some really amazing things.  The problem is that I pin like a maniac but I never actually do the projects that I pin.  What sense does that make?  So I’ve decided to do a Pinterest experiment.  I’m actually going to follow through on some of these great ideas and then, lucky you readers, I’m going to create a cheat sheet if you will to let you know what I thought of the project to help you figure out if it is one you would like to try or not.  The blog will contain pictures, instructions, cost, time spent, practicality, alternatives and anything else I decide is relevant to the pin.  I will give it a recommendation whether I think it’s worth trying or not.  And once in a while, there may even be some fun how-to videos.  I’ve enlisted the help of two wonderful and creative ladies so that we can bring many great pins your way.  We’re super excited to start sharing these experiments with you!

The other day I shared a kale chips recipe on here that I wanted to try.  Well, I finally made it last night and it is the first entry on my  Go check it out if you want to see if they turned out or not.  I also posted and rated a breakfast casserole that I tried this week!  There will be recipes, crafts, do it yourself projects and many random experiments posting out there so stay tuned and be sure to enter your email on the page so you can receive updates.  If there is a pin that you’ve been dying to try but haven’t gotten around to or maybe you’re nervous, send the link to the and we would be happy to try it out for you! 

This blog will stay dedicated to my fattofitinthe515 journey but if there is a great healthified recipe we find on Pinterest, I will definitely share the information.  

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