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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Triathlon terrors

I didn’t get a chance to try my kale chips or the chick peas snack this weekend, but I plan to soon.  It’s another busy week at the Hugen house.  One would think we would be used to this by now.  Had a great Warrior workout last night.  I was covered in sand from head to toe.  Even after two showers I’m still finding bits of sand all over the place.  I’m taking that as a sign of kicking some serious butt.  Tomorrow night WHO TV will be joining us for a workout of the week at Warrior.  I can’t wait to see Sonya and Erin again.  They are two terrific ladies and it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten to workout together.  I’m hoping they enjoy the sandpit torture just as much as I do.  I always feel great after Warrior.  Exhausted and depleted, but great, nonetheless. I’m excited that Todd is extending the program for an additional 8 weeks in September.  I probably won’t be able to do it since I go back to training with Scott and Molly in a month but I know that other people can transform their bodies through the program and get great results. 

I did some swimming this weekend.  This triathlon is going to be tough.  I am unprepared and off of my game.  Last year I trained for LeMars for six months.  I’m less than a month away and have yet to be on my bike for an outside ride.  Ugh.  Where did the summer go?  It felt like I had all the time in the world to get ready for this.  Now it’s knocking on my door and I’m terrified. 

I’ve decided to sell my bodybugg and switch to a fitbit.  I love bodybugg and it helped me lose 100 pounds but I’m tired of paying for the subscription. The database is ancient and hard to use.  I’ve been using the LoseIt! application and website on my iphone and loving it. It’s so easy!  There’s even a bar scan code reader so I don’t have to input a food if it’s not in the database. I just scan it in and it appears in my log.  How awesome is that?  Plus, the fitbit gives a lot more readouts like miles, flights climbed and tracks your sleep.  The best part?  The program is free to use online and on your phone.  It also sends you daily or weekly reports of your nutrition, activity, sleep, miles, flights, weight, etc.  And you can set reminders for logging your food, as well.  If you have a profile on LoseIt add me as a friend and we can do challenges and receive badges together.  Yes, I’m a big fan of badges.  Everyone needs little rewards and motivators and they make me feel like I am accomplishing something.  It’s been rough not having my bodybugg on for the last two weeks and not knowing my burn but I’m hoping I can get a fitbit this weekend.  

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Kris Downing said...

Hi Lyndee - I train with Scott too. I've heard a lot about you and Molly and so I've been following your blog. It's so nice to hear that someone else struggles with the same things I do. I also used to wear a bodybugg but stopped a few months ago now that I am in my "maintenance" phase. I've been looking for a new website to log my food so I don't have to pay for the subscription any longer and since Scott can't log in to monitor me, I figure it's time to switch. Thanks for the suggestion of LoseIt - I think I'll try it too. -Kris Downing