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Monday, August 6, 2012


I’m back and successfully survived all the wedding celebration.  Congratulations to Rachael and Jason for a fabulous wedding weekend!!! It was an amazing few days with family and friends and watching my sister transform into the most beautiful bride in the world.  Almost 200 pictures were taken on my camera but don’t worry, I’m only going to post a couple below so you can see my dress.  I felt like a little princess on Saturday and the smaller Lyndee 2.0 kind of actually enjoys getting all dolled up and formal these days.  Weird, huh? 

Large groups of people and crazy schedules led to some poor food choices but I tried to keep it in check as best that I could.  There was a lot of pizza and we had to provide our friend Texas Jenny with the experience of cheese balls (fried cheese curds).  Yeah, she’s a big fan of them too.  According to her, we Iowans eat a lot of cheese.  There was cheese on everything!  Pizza, cheese balls, cheesy potatoes, sandwiches, cream cheese on bagels…you name it, it was cheesy.  I had never really thought about it before but she’s right.  It’s like my favorite food group!  Unfortunately, it is not a healthy one!

Now that the wedding is done, it will be nice to get back to the normal routine and less weekends on the road.  Oh and some serious triathlon training! I’m guessing my husband will want to stop out at the famous Iowa State Fair at some point this weekend. Every year I go, even though I’m not a big fan.  I know, that’s totally un-Iowan and probably un-American of me but it’s hot, crowded and expensive.  And all I want to do when I’m there is eat all the crappy food.  Some of it is delicious, don’t get me wrong but none of it is healthy. We have proven that we can fry anything on a stick.  Last year, it was butter.  Seriously?  Who was sitting around one day going ok, what could I put on a stick and deep fry that would really up everyone’s chances of instant heart attack?  Yes, I know, butter! As if Twinkies, Snickers, Oreos, corn dog, etc. weren’t enough.  Gag me out.  I’m sure we will visit the fair at least once so that Rob can get his bucket of cookies, grinders, tenderloins, sausage and whatever else he can get his hands on.  Oh, my husband never gains weight, just for the record.  He’s a calorie burning machine.  Lucky him.  Not so lucky for Lyndee.  When we go I will probably splurge on my cheese curds, in honor of Texas Jenny and then live vicariously through my husband and the food tasting extravaganza he and his tongue will be on.  The upside to going out there?  Well, I get to log a lot of steps on the body bugg and see some wonderful mullets while I do it.  A girl has got to entertain herself somehow.  

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic pics! Thanks for sharing...

The dress was a great goal, and you looked fabulous! So, now, I guess it is time for a new goal... What's it gonna be?

You keep inspiring, and I will keep reading! (and losing.) :)