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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lose it

My bodybugg subscription expired while I was in Cresco last week and I won’t’ be able to get it renewed until this weekend.  It’s been very odd not having it on and knowing what I’m burning.  I’ve been wearing that thing for over two years.  Talk about feeling naked…and a little lost.  I hate not knowing what my calorie burn is so I just have to push a little harder each day and hope I’m getting close to 3000.  Word on the street is that Aspen will no longer be using the bodybugg service in the future, which means Scott won’t be able to log in and see my stats.  So I’m heehawing on whether or not to keep subscribing or find a different system. I have been using LoseIt this week and I love it.  It’s a website or an app for a smart or iphone.  It’s much easier than the bodybugg to use for logging food.  I can actually use my phone to scan in the foods bar code and it automatically inputs all the nutritional information.  How awesome is that?  Hooray for those that don’t like logging food.  That kind of takes away your excuse that it takes too much time.  You can get daily or weekly reports, breakdowns, have friends on the site, set motivators, etc.  And you can earn badges which are fun little rewards that can make you feel good.  It’s really a great application and did I mention it’s free?  So I’ve been debating getting a fitbit (works much like a bodybugg) because it’s about the same price as my bodybugg subscription and then I could use the better app on my phone.  And it syncs through wifi instead of plugging my bodybugg into the computer every morning and uploading the information.  The only thing I’m worried about is whether or not it’s as accurate as the bodybugg.  Has anyone used fitbit?  Bodybugg?  Both?  Another system? 

Decisions, decisions.  What’s a girl to do?  I’m going to try to find someone with a fitbit that would let me borrow it for a week so I can compare it to the bodybugg and see if it’s as accurate, talk to Scott and see exactly when their bodybugg access is going away and continue logging my food on loseit until I figure it out.  Another great website I’ve heard about from friends is, and  What are you guys using?  Do you log your food in journal by hand instead of an application or website?  Do you log your food at all?  If you are trying to lose weight and can’t figure out why you’re not after stepping up your activity, LOG YOUR FOOD!  You will be amazed the calories you’re not figuring in that end up in your mouth every day.  And they add up!

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Leslie said...

I use and the app. It's all synced together. So, if i'm not at my computer,I can log it in on my phone. I love it (when I use it - you're right about you have to log the food!). It also has an end of the day final report. You can look at your intake and output report and see if you're hitting all your proteins, or too much fat or carbs. It also tells you that as you go, so if you're not getting enough protein by lunch, you can see that you need to adjust your meal for dinner. Love it. It also has a social media aspect so, you can grab a circle of friends, etc. I really like the program and it's free. It has that bar scan feature on it as well. I think I better use it more. Thanks for the push!!!