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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, my peeps!

I really hope you got how funny my title was.  J  This post might be a little long but a lot has happened in the last few days.  Been a busy bear, which is why I haven’t been able to blog since Thursday.  First and foremost, I received a great question from Kary on one of the posts about my daily menus.  She asked if we were allowed snacks between meals to help us keep going.  Excellent question!  Thanks, Kary!  The answer is yes.  At breakfast we can request a hardboiled egg, 12 almonds, a sliced up apple, orange or banana to take with us on our hikes.  Most people eat this snack as soon as we get back in the van after the hikes.  Also, there is a salad bar and fruit station set up for our lunch and dinners that we can use to supplement some calories if needed.  I usually have almonds or an orange after my hike.  I occasionally have a small salad with dinner and then take a banana back to my room for a snack before bed.  Now, before you picture a Ryan’s buffet type of salad bar, this is very simple.  Lettuce, mixed greens, spinach, onions, beets, beans, sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, etc.  There are no croutons, bacon, cheese or even dressings on our salad bar.  You can request a homemade light or dark balsamic and you will receive 2 precise tablespoons of it.  The food here is fiber rich, nutrient dense and no preservatives so it keeps you very full.  I was amazed at how satisfied my stomach has been even though I’m  burning 4000 calories a day.  It just goes to show food is fuel and you’re going to run better on high octane gasoline than if you try to put liquid poo in your system.  Simple fact.  And, as I’ve stated in earlier posts, your tastebuds adapt VERY quickly when choices are limited and I am grateful for all the new flavors I have been able to explore. 

Friday was one of my favorite hikes yet.  I mean, nothing can beat being at the beach but this was pretty darn close!  My group went to Solstice Trail.  My pictures below do not do it justice but I will try to give you a little taste.  The first mile and a half are pretty much straight up hill.  After you slip, slide and claw your way to the top, you turn around to find the most beautiful view of the Pacific you can ever imagine, nestled between two giant foothills.  Absolutely breathtaking if I would’ve had any breath left in my scorched lungs at that point.  As we climb on we are overlooking one of the steepest canyons I’ve been in yet.  I wanted to take a picture but I got a little woozy and apparently my camera is scared of heights too because when I tried to take a picture, my phone shut itself off.  I can’t blame it.  I would’ve closed my eyes if I could have as well.  A mile or so down the path we start our descent into the canyon. and I turned around and took a picture of where I had been for you all to see.  Once we reach the bottom you find the ruins of what was once a beautiful house and grounds.  A waterfall, rock sculptures, chimneys, just stunning natural artwork everywhere.  Friday afternoon was circuit training, Disco Jam (think Zumba but more staying alive and Bee Gee’s) which totally rocked and then liquid moves in the pool which became a pool volleyball tournament.  Fun in the sun!       

Saturday morning was a hike around Charmlee with more views of Malibu, the ocean and Cindy Crawford’s house.  It definitely was not the most challenging hike of the week but it was more laid back and very fun.  Which was needed, for as soon as we returned, it was time for the last chance workout.  I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about it.  I’ve seen enough last chance workouts on the show to know that it was not going to be a leisurely hike or simple cardio class.  It totally kicked my butt…but it was so awesome! I loved every minute of it.  Well, ok, maybe didn’t “love” the suicides and burpies but it was a great feeling of accomplishment and burn.  I didn’t just survive the last chance workout, I destroyed it! And I earned my Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge last chance workout bandana to prove it.  It’s the little rewards like that which bring me so much joy and pride.  I was so pumped after getting my ass handed to me in the scorching sun that I was on a natural high through lunch.  Then came yoga.  Wow.  I am terrible at it.  Yoga is no joke and it totally dominated me.  BUT, I finished what I started, thank you Trainer Cameron for knocking that into my head all week long.  Finish what you start! It’s a simple idea that will lead to extraordinary results. 

Saturday night we had graduation which is so bitter sweet. It’s great to see the highlight video of the week and here what people have learned but so hard to know the awesome people you’ve met are preparing to leave the next morning.  It’s crazy how closely you bond with your fellow losers here and  how much strength they give you.  Rae, Megan and I decided to go to Target for some supplies after the dinner and then ended up taking Megan to Hollywood since she had never been.  It was completely surreal to be driving down such familiar streets that I used to call home.  Seriously, mind blowing and nostalgic.  But even more fun was watching Megan take in the wonder and weirdness that is Hollywood Boulevard on a Saturday night.  We had so much fun walking around.  And more importantly, we resisted all temptations.  We didn’t buy any food or drink while we were out and about.  We just played tourist and laughed our butts off.  It was a great feeling to know that we passed our first test outside the bubble that we had lived in all week at the resort.  Sunday morning rolls around and it’s very hard to say goodbye to such amazing people.  As sad as I was that my friends were leaving, I was also very excited by my first week results.  I lost 9 pounds, 8.75 inches and 1.3% body fat.  Not too shabby for 6 days of non-stop sweat.  It’s been a long time since I have been so proud of something I did but I felt that today, beaming through my body.  What amazes me about Biggest Loser resort is how you can feel so exhausted and so alive at the same time. 


Molly said...

You look gorgeous! I haven't seen your smile that big and genuine in a Really long time! Love you to pieces! And miss you tons!

Yesenia said...

LOVE IT! Great blog Lyndee!

Mather Family said...

Congratulations on your first week completed! Keep up the awesome hard work. Your attitude is an inspiration to so many!

Mather Family said...

Congratulations on your first week completed! We're all so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Your attitude is an inspiration to so many!