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Thursday, April 26, 2012

But what if you can?

Sherry from season 9 of the Biggest Loser (pink team) and Frado from season 10 (black team) are at the resort with us this week.  I haven’t had much interaction with them as they are usually swarmed by people.  Today at lunch they did some inspirational speaking and a Q&A session.  It was really great.  There were times I actually found myself getting choked up while they spoke.  I know, not shocking but hey, it’s an emotional week as I prepare to pack my bags and head back to reality. 

It wasn’t what they went through on the show or on camera that called out to me.  It was what they learned about themselves.  It was the hard road of maintenance they have traveled.  It was how integral the support of those around is.  It was knowing that I wasn’t alone.  That the relationship I have with food and the self-doubt is not unique.  It is, sadly, quite common. 

It is so easy to think about reasons why you can’t or easy way outs and excuses.  Those are a dime a dozen.  But believing in yourself and pushing past your comfortable to make changes takes real courage.  Sherry had a slide today that read “But what if you can?” And I think that may be one of the best things I have ever heard.  This is something I plan to use day in and day out whenever I feel that defeat and doubt begin to rise up.  What if I can?  How amazing would that feel?  And what would that lead to? 

Thursday is treading class.  Last class of the day today and it is brutal.  Well, as brutal as you want to make it.  The liberating thing about the resort is that it’s all on you when you get to class to push yourself.  So for me, treading is a total beat down every Thursday.  But I had never pushed as hard as I did today.  Remember last week?  How proud I was of my 15 incline and 35 resistance?  Yeah, that seems like a practice round as I sit typing in this chair with my jello filled legs shaking beneath me.  I was on an arc trainer next to Frado and for our last sprint, he threw down the gauntlet.  He told me to try an incline of 15 and a resistance of 100.  That is maxing out the machine.  For a second I wanted to laugh and tell him I couldn’t, but then I thought…what if I can?  So Frado and I set our incline and resistance to 15 and 100 and did our last sprint together with all our might.  It was awesome.  Why?  Because I could do it and surprise myself even in week four here at the resort.  Katina said today that excellence does not creep up on you.  You have to go get it.  You have to give yourself permission to be excellent and today, I did just that. 

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Yesenia said...

Way to go Lyndee!!!