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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy hump day morning

Wednesday looks to be the most challenging day yet.  See schedule and menu below.  I am so excited though.  Why? Because my hike this morning was at Zuma Beach.  I LOVE the ocean.  I'm a water sign and it brings me peace. It was so great to once again hear the sounds of crashing waves, seagull chatter and feel the salty breeze on my face.  So, I am posting a bunch of pictures I took because I believe it's the most beautiful place in the world!!! The first picture is Point Dume which is way more ginormous than it looks.  Especially when you go up one side, down the other, back up and back down. 


The Hageman Haus said...

Absolutely amazing -- I look forward to your blog entry everyday! My 11 AM walk each day is so much longer without you, and I'm surprised how quickly we chat the time away that it doesn't seem that long when we do it together. But, at 11 AM each day, I start to wonder what you're up to in Cali. Best of luck -- you got this!!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work! We miss you in Iowa!