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Friday, April 13, 2012

Alignment & adjustments

Wondering why I’m up at 4 am on a Friday morning? Especially Friday the 13th?  Well, I think it’s safe to say the fire is back! Hooray!  It’s amazing how a body adjustment can fix your attitude as well.  I’ve been dealing with some injuries that I didn’t want to share because I didn’t want to seem weak.  Lame, I know.  My ankles are shot and each day we hike, two of the toes on my left foot go numb which causes pain throughout the foot every time I step.  Yesterday our hike van returned to Zuma Beach. I love this place but the sand wasn’t good for my injuries.  I was becoming very disgruntled because I was not leading the pack with Jenn like usual.  While Jenn and Ruben (contestant on Season 2 of Biggest Loser) ran along the beautiful coast, I was stuck walking and wincing with every step.  Mentally, it was killing me.  Then, on the way back down Point Dume, I twisted my ankle on a rock and fell down.  Not only did it hurt like hell, but it was just another ding to my pride.  I hobbled back to the van as fast as I could and played it off like I was fine.  Famous last words of Lyndee, right friends?  Ha.  “I’m fine!”  Except, I wasn’t.  I went to my circuit class at 11:15 and hobbled through the majority of it but the pain from the ankle that was now shooting up my calf became too much to bare.  I fought back tears and turned away from the class, doing my dance party cardio moves and trying to continue breathing.  My partner, Meghann, saw me though and called Trainer Cameron over, who proceeded to scold me and make me leave class five minutes early to go ice. Once class was done he checked in on me to remind me that I have four weeks here and there is no reason to injure myself worse by trying to be tough.  He said “You have nothing to prove.  You’re already here and doing it.”  But he was wrong.  I feel like I have so much to prove each week.  He told me I shouldn’t use a treadmill for our cardio class today and to take it easy.  I didn’t want to do this monster class on a bike.  I knew I wouldn’t get near the calorie burn I normally do but I listened to him and did it.  The day was mentally trying because I want to push so hard and I hate feeling held back by injury.  The Hagebakke in me is too competitive to settle for being “towards” the front of the pack…I want to be in the lead.  Always.  And I’m learning that can’t always happen. 

I gave in last night and went to Dr. Ray and it was the best move I have made since I arrived here.  He instantly knew that there was something pinched in my L4 that was causing my toe numbness.  He worked out the pressure in my back that immediately loosened up my left hip down to my toes.  In 20 amazing minutes, I walked out of their feeling lighter and taller.  No joke.  My entire body felt renewed.  It was mind boggling and with my adjustment, my attitude instantly changed too.  My smile was back.  My confidence returned.  I could finally see that even Super Woman can use some help once in awhile when it comes to a broken body.  So I woke this morning hours before my alarm went off because after a tough week mentally, I am believing in Lyndee again and it’s game on.  Friday the 13th doesn’t have anything on me.  This day will be what we make of it and I plan on making the most out of every second.  God gave me legs that can walk and whether I’m at the front of the pack or not, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to use them!!! 


Molly said...

Cameron seems like a smart individual and has wonderful advice! I am so glad you did the right thing and went to get help! In fact, I am SO glad, that I am not going to lecture you about not going sooner. ;o) LOVE YOU!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep it going babe. I love the picture of you on top of the mountain

Yesenia said...

So glad you saw Dr. Ray!!! Remember you have nothing to proof to anyone but yourself. This is about you Lyndee! Leading or not you are still super competitive. Don't be so hard on yourself.