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Thursday, April 5, 2012

TGI...oh wait

Tomorrow is Friday, which would be awesome if I were at work or in any sort of reality.  Here at BL Resort, it doesn’t have the same kind of reward.  Yes, I get to do disco jam (think Zumba to Disco) and finish my day of classes in the pool, so that’s excellent.  But I don’t get two days off after that like a normal person would.  Saturday morning bright and early I can opt for a 2 hour cardio attack or a 2 hour hike, both of which will be followed by a two hour Last Chance Workout.  Not much like my lazy Saturdays of old.  Sunday though will be a rest day.  I shall do laundry, blog, skype with family, make phone calls, go for a swim…ok, maybe I won’t rest until May? 

Today was a tough day as well.  Yes, I realize this is becoming a pattern.  Ha! Who knew something called Ball Works could totally kick your butt?  Not I, but I do now! Think BodyPump on crack, while sitting on a stability ball.  Yeah, it’s that much fun.  Followed by Treading which was a cardio class where you push your max for 5 minutes, recover for 4, push max for 4, recover, 3, recover, 2, recover, 1, recover and then 1 at a level that you don’t think you will survive but somehow you do.  I did Jacob’s ladder for the three minute interval.  If you’ve never seen this machine, think mid-evil torture device.  Climbing a ladder you will never reach the top of.  It is hard as hell but I did it.  And as I came off of there, gasping for air, I was so proud of myself for being brave enough to step out of my comfort zone treadmill and try, and then to be able to actually do it! Then, when the class ended the guy next to me, that I like to call Wild Billie gave me a great compliment.  Everyone here is defined by their week.  I’m a first week-er.  He’s in his fourth.  Anyway, Wild Billie looks at me and says he can’t believe I’m a first weeker.  He says I’m really strong and pushing really hard for being four days in.  He says he can’t even  imagine what I will be doing when I hit week four.  And I have to smile and agree with him.  The possibilities are endless. He jokes that the trainer will yell stop but I’ll be going so fast and focused I’ll just run through the glass and keep on going.  I say I might run all the way back to Iowa.  Then I visualize Forrest Gump running across the country and slap myself back to reality because I can’t even commit to running a half marathon and I really much prefer planes.  Point being though, it was really nice to receive a compliment like that, especially from a fourth weeker.  It was also the second day in a row that a trail guide has told me I should definitely be in a higher van for the hikes.  I’m totally cool with where I am right now because my ankle is still adjusting to the hikes and I love the group in my van.  They are great ladies that help me push myself further each day.  Next week, I will request to be moved up.  Also, as we were leaving Chesebro Park today in our Biggest Loser Resort van, after our hike, there was a group of cyclists that were taking pictures of the van, apparently thinking we were on the show.  Hilarious. 

It’s hard to believe I’ve only been here for four days.  It feels like it’s been much longer than that.  Every day I reaffirm that this is the gift of a lifetime and that the Lyndee 2.0 that returns from Malibu is going to blow surprise everyone, especially the original Lyndee 1.0. 


Anonymous said...

Babe, u r doing so awesome and people here in Iowa can't imagine how challenging your days are. But you are "killing it" and getting compliments from a "four weeker" only reaffirms that fact. You are inspiring so many people to change their lives for the better. I c an only imagine how wonderful Lyndee 2.0 will be.

I love u!

Kary said...

Congrats Lyndee! After reading this first week, you are truly showing your Iowa toughness and someone else noticed!!! That's awesome!!! I noticed today on your menu board, there are no snacks listed. Do you get snacks also in between your main meals to help keep you going?

Yesenia said...

Lyndee, I really appreciate the mental picture I am getting from your blogs. You Go Girl!

Brooke said...

Amazing Lyndee! I LOVE following the blog so keep it coming! Happy Easter! We'll miss you at Grandmas!

Brooke said...

Lyndee -- I love following the blog! Keep it up! :) Your doing amazing and people who don't even know you are noticing! :) We'll miss you at Grandma & Grandpas -- Happy Easter! Love you!