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Friday, June 1, 2012

The number of the day is 3333

I’m back! Two days in a row.  Crazy, right?  I’m going to make a concerted effort to get back to blogging more often.  It’s much like exercising and easy to find an excuse and other things to do.  Also, like exercising, I love it and I feel better when I do it so I don’t know why I get put it off. I think I was feeling like what I had to say wasn’t very exciting since I’ve returned from Biggest Loser Resort.  Here in reality there are no fun pictures of me on mountains or the beach, no sole focus of my life being on my workouts, etc.  I guess I was afraid that being back to normal would be boring and no one would want to read it.  But I need to do it for me so if you want to continue following, awesome. 

I think part of my struggle since I’ve been home is that I’m not pushing past comfortable and not setting mini goals.  It’s so easy to fall back into the same workout routines and just watch the scale fluctuate.  Well, that’s not going to get me where I need to be now, is it?  So even though I’m really close to my one-derland goal. that’s not my focus right now.  If I can zone in on some other things, that will come.  Burn, food, steps, strength training, miles…whatever that may be.  My goal for the weekend is to burn 3333 calories each day.  I worked out for 3 hours yesterday and walked at lunch and I almost hit 3300.  I felt awesome and exhausted!  So this should give me the little push I need past comfortable.  Plus, I like the number 33 this week.  I did a health assessment at work and found out that besides being fat, I’m in pretty dang good health as far as cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, etc. are concerned.  My health related age is 33.  I turn 36 this month and I’m pretty sure the first time I stepped on a Wii fit it calculated my age as 42 or some crap like that, so we’re definitely making progress!  If you talk to me this weekend, feel free to ask me if I’m at my burn goal yet.  I like the pressure. 

Speaking of three hours at the gym yesterday…isn’t it amazing what a song can do for a workout?  I had done treading and circuit training with Molly, went home, ate some dinner and was very tempted to spend a rainy evening on the couch.  Instead I went to the gym with the hubby and the time FLEW by! My workout playlist just wouldn’t let me stop! It was so awesome.  What music gets you pumped when working out?  Here’s my favorite workout playlist ever, in all its random glory!!
Stronger-Kelly Clarkson
My Hero-Foo Fighters
Going Under-Evanescence
Eye of the Tiger-Survivor
Hit Me With Your Best Shot-Pat Benetar
Inside out-Eve 6
Down-Jay Sean
Let’s Go Crazy-Prince
Footloose-Kenny Loggins
Welcome to the Jungle-Guns N Roses
American Girl-Tom Petty
My Own Worst Enemy-Lit
Lose Yourself-Eminem
Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO
Everybody Talks-Neon Trees
Heartless-Kanye West
Jai Ho!-Ride d’Macy
Single Ladies-Beyonce
Country Grammar-Nelly

Have a wonderful weekend!!! Shine and be brilliant!!!

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