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Friday, June 8, 2012


Happy Friday! I had a funny little thing happen last night when I was leaving the gym.  I did my treading “class” after work and I was wearing my Biggest Loser Resort t-shirt.  As I was leaving Aspen, a lady at the counter noticed my shirt.  She said “Have you been there?  A girl from Iowa just got back from there.”  And she was holding the Q Magazine with me on the cover in her hands as if she had just read the story…about me…and didn’t recognize me.  Ha!  I just smiled and said it was a great place, then laughed while I walked to my car.  Man, I must look really crappy when I’m at the gym for that to happen.  I checked the mirror when I got in the car but I still looked like me.  *shrugs*

Speaking of looking like me…I was going through some old pictures yesterday.  Pictures of my siblings and I growing up.  My sister needed them for some project she’s working on so I posted them in an album on Facebook so she could save them to her computer.  My husband text me when he saw it and said he didn’t even recognize me.  I can see why he didn’t.  It was from a summer trip home from LA and I’ve posted it below.  And yes, I’m totally jealous of my baby brother and his ability to tan while my sister and I, who lived in California at the time with a pool in our backyard, are white like Casper.  I posted three pictures of us below to see how we have changed through the years.  Dang, we were some cute kids! Although we've grown into ourselves and changed a lot, you can still tell that we are siblings and I love that.

This weekend is going to be super busy again with wonderful friends in town, pool, birthday and anniversary parties.  Somewhere in there I will get in my workouts too.  I’m feeling a little more prepared then the two previous weekend disasters health wise, though.  I’ve thought it through, made a plan, going to take some steps to prevent any major malfunctions and yet, I will still enjoy myself thoroughly.  That’s the key to the game right?  Finding the balance and enjoying life.  I will be on the go socially the entire weekend but I will own it because I’m not looking for anymore setbacks. Only 3 weeks to my big 36th birthday and I have a goal to hit.  So I will be prepared and do what I gotta do.  I will shine and be brilliant, with a side order of fun with friends.  You should too.  

One of my favorite pictures of all time!

Summer back from LA.  Holy big head, batman!

My big reveal party

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