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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend woes

I’m beginning to hate the weekends.  I mean, I love the weekends and look forward to them starting Monday of each week but lately, the weekends are destroying me.  I’m not making good choices and when you have a Tuesday weigh in each week, this is problematic.  Friday I did not make my goal burn.  I got a new iphone but that doesn’t do anything to help my calorie burn, in fact, it rather hindered it.  Instead of getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather, I sat on the couch and played with my new toy.  Dumb, I know.  I went to the gym in the afternoon but it was brief and then we joined some friends for grilling and libations that evening where I continued to sit on my butt and shoot the breeze. 

Saturday I woke up feeling serious guilt knowing I didn’t hit my burn on Friday and reading all my friends posts on Facebook about completing the 20K Dam to Dam run in Des Moines that morning.  So, I mapped out a 3.1 mile route around the neighborhood which had some seriously brutal hills and then I went for a little 5K jog.  It was rough but it felt good.  I used a new app on my phone called Run Watch and it was awesome!  It tracked my distance, time, average speed, etc.  This is a great tool for someone that can get a little competitive with themselves.  It saves your miles in a log and you can set it for a walk, run or bike ride.  Awesome!  I got back to the house, ate some lunch and then joined Molly for a 3 mile walk in the afternoon, again, using my fun new app.  After that I went home and did some Just Dance 2 on the Wii.  We grilled out that night, got some things done around the house and I burned over 3600 calories!!

Sunday I woke up exhausted and sore.  We went out for breakfast which sat like a rock in my tummy.  In the afternoon I went kayaking with Molly and Sandy.  It was fun but not a huge burn. We had all intentions of going to the gym when we were done but instead we went for frozen yogurt and sat around the house yapping.  Ugh.  Then, her, Rob and I ended up going out for Mexican.  Saying that’s a poor choice is a serious understatement.  I was instantly bloated and miserable from the salty chips and heavy entrée.  Rob and I went for an hour long walk to try to work some of it off and by the time we got back, I couldn’t even get my wedding ring off because my fingers were so swollen. They still are swollen today and my dress shoes are tight and I feel like I grew some cankles.  Not awesome.  

Why?  Why do I do this to myself on the weekends?!?!   I get so lazy with my food, which is odd because I actually have much more time to prepare food on the weekends but instead I opt for easy and unhealthy half the time and then pay for it dearly come Monday and Tuesday.  By Thursday or Friday I have usually worked the ruins of the previous weekend back off but then, lo and behold, it’s the weekend again and I spiral out of control.  I’m worried about this weekend because we have a few parties where I know I will not have very healthy options.  Plus, our weekend is packed with activities and social outings that are not going to be conducive to many hours of exercise.  This pretty much means I need to be perfect with my food during the week and burn calories like nobody’s business.  *sigh* Oh, and I need to find my will power again to make better food choices.  If anyone has seen it, please let me know.  There may even be a reward for returning my will power to me.  I need to find a way to stop being my own worst enemy.    

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Kary said...

Just keep your positive attitude that you have at the end of the week and you'll be able to succeed over the weekend. Also, if you have parties that you are attending, volunteer to bring a side dish or something that you know is a healthy option. Also enlist the help of your hubby and other friends who are going to be there to help keep you on track.

As far as exercise, do any of these commitments include dancing or other activities where you aren't sitting? Try to make the most of those or if they're family events, encourage everyone to take a walk after eating. It would be good for all, and they'd expect some suggestion like that coming from you.

You can do it!!