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Monday, June 25, 2012


A lot of people go on diets and they last a few weeks.  Some make grand New Year’s resolutions that they give up on by March.  Molly and I have been on our journey to a healthier us for two years now.  That’s a pretty long period of time, if you ask me.  The great part is there is no end date for us.  There are goals and objectives along the way, but there is no day that we will ever be done, which is awesome.  But it also can come with some bumps, plateaus and loss of motivation, if you will.  Albert Einstein defines insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  You know that little saying, if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got?  Well our bodies and minds have gotten a little too comfortable in our current state.  Molly has decided to take 10 weeks off of our routine so that she can refocus and get her groove back like Stella.  She’s going to enroll in the Aspen Total Body Experience.  It’s a 10 week program, 6 days a week, and is sure to help her swan dive off of the plateau and to the next level of greatness that she wants to achieve.  Of course it’s scary to think of 10 weeks without our normal training, but Scott has promised he will take us back in September when TBE is done and our trio of triumph will reunite again. 

I spent the weekend thinking about what I would do while Molly is in TBE.  This is an experience she would like to do on her own, which I totally understand and support.  I could do a different TBE session, try to find a way to afford Scott on my own or focus only on my triathlon training.  There are a lot of choices but many of those are things I’ve done before.  And if Molly is going to step out of her comfort zone and push past comfortable, then I feel I need to do the same.  This isn’t a 10 week vacation from Scott and Molly.  I need to make these 10 weeks worth something and push myself so that when it’s time to go back to training again, I will be stronger mentally and physically. I will be able to reconnect, recommit and focus like I did when we first started with Scott.  I need to make this count!!

I’ve decided to do the ICE Performance training adult warrior program.  (Check them out on Facebook). Yes, it’s just as crazy as it probably sounds.  My husband has been doing it for a few weeks and is absolutely in love with it.  I tease him he’s obsessed but with the results he’s getting, I can understand why he enjoys it so much.  I’m not totally sure how to describe it since I haven’t attended yet but from the sounds of it, it’s an outdoor boot camp, cross fit, cardio crazy, tough mudder training, I must be out of my ever-living mind, wringing the sweat out of your shirt at the end type of adventure.  Yeah, it sounds just about insane enough to be something I might really enjoy.  In my head it’s going to be similar to a Biggest Loser resort Last Chance workout, except in Runnells, Iowa instead of a Malibu resort.  And my husband will be there with me.  Some women wouldn’t like that aspect of it but I do.  I’m confident that my competitive nature and desire to please will twist into a tornado of extraordinary measures and that I will come away from this in 12 weeks like a true warrior.  It certainly can’t hurt my endurance and strength for the triathlon.  An increased burn on those days can only help my weightloss.   I will get to share something awesome with Rob and spend some time together during the week rather than doing our workouts apart and seeing each other just before we go to bed.   I can’t believe it but I’m actually excited and looking forward to pushing my body to a different level than it’s been used to recently. 

Biggest Loser Resort posted the Will Rogers quote below today and it was perfect timing.  Yes, I’ve been on the right track for two years but it’s time to fire-up the proverbial train of healthy living I’ve been gliding along on like a hobo and put on my engineer hat.  We must change to have change.  CHOO CHOO!!! 

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The Hageman Haus said...

Nice blog entry. Speaking of "Change", you should go to and search "Scott Pritchard" Change. He has a motivational presentation that's pretty good, and well...motivational. ;)