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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Price is right

Day 3 of the step challenge in is full effect.  I’m two for two, thus far, and today is on pace to surpass the 15,022 again.  It’s Thursday which means treading and cardio circuits.  At lunch Melody and I were talking about treading.  She tried it and loved it, of course! So she’s been doing it often for her cardio.  I gave her some ideas on how to switch it up to keep her body guessing.  We talked about some of the other classes and I’m thinking tonight I may have to try mountain.  I haven’t done that as much since I returned.  In fact, when I was trying to explain it to Melody, I kept second guessing myself.  Was it three minute intervals or four?  Eight levels or 12?  I’ve only been home a month and a half and already I’m forgetting things from Biggest Loser Resort.  That goes beyond workouts too.  Obviously the reigns have gotten a little loose on my food or I would’ve been well into one-derland by now.  Anyway, I reached out to a few of the wonderful ladies I spent time with at BLR and got my answer.  Remember the Cliff Hanger game on The Price is Right?  The little yodeling dude climbing up the mountain ruler?  It’s kind of like that but with no Bob Barker.  You can’t win a car but if you do mountain I will reward you with some serious fitness points and your body will thank you. 

Mountain Class: This class can be done on an elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike.

Warm up for 5 minutes (during this time figure out what your “baseline” or starting point will be)
After your warm-up go to baseline.  You will do three minutes at this level and then increase either resistance, incline or speed.  You will increase resistance, incline or speed every three minutes for 12 LEVELS! Again, it doesn’t have to be speed every time or incline, you can vary it up, as long as that heart is pumping.  Pace yourself since you have 12 levels but be sure to push yourself past comfortable, as well.  When you get to level five, you should be huffing, puffing and unable to easily hold a conversation.  If you are able to yap away and are hardly out of breath, that is a good indicator that you need to go harder.  Levels 10 & 11 should be a fight to the finish.  Level 12 is the level I like to refer to as “all it takes is all you got”.  You’re going to want to quit.  Your legs will (should be) burning like a Malibu canyon fire.  You will be sweating all kinds of liquid awesome.  But you’re almost there!! Keep going.  It’s just three minutes.  Remember, you can do anything for three minutes!  And just when you think you really might not make it…you peak and it’s over and you return to baseline with an incredible calorie burn, dripping in sweat and feeling like you dominated that workout.  You did it.  36 minutes of mountain class and you rocked it out like a star.  Take five minutes to recover at baseline speed and incline and bask in the joy of that.  You just earned a crapton of fitness points and I’m sending you a huge air-high-five.  Way to shine and be brilliant!!

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