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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oh me, oh my!

First of all, congratulations to the world’s best trainer and his awesome wife!  Scott and Amy had a beautiful baby girl Tuesday evening!! 

This weekend was a rough one.  We went home for Memorial Day to celebrate the high school graduation of two of my cousins.  I knew that food and workouts were going to be an issue and I tried to prepare as best I could.  We’re going to chalk this one up to an epic fail.  No lie, I bet I ate about a dozen of my mom’s chocolate chip cookies over the course of three days.  They are like crack to me. I just can’t stop once the sweet goodness touches my lips.  Saturday I walked with Sissy and Jake but that was the extent of my workouts.  Unless you count playing bags for 8 hours on Sunday while drinking with the family a “workout”.  It’s not even that I ate a ton of terrible food or gorged out (besides the cookies).  I just didn’t make good food choices.  Chips and dip?  Yes, please.  Pizza?  Okay.  I woke up Monday morning feeling like an overly inflated balloon.  Besides that, I could tell my body was angry because my workouts this week have been crappy.  I didn’t have the right fuel in me to really kick it into high gear.  I’ve been slowly climbing back on track, just in time for another weekend to set in.  I’m glad that we will be home this weekend so that I can stay focused, prepare my meals and kick my butt all over the gym.  I may even start my triathlon training if I get the bike up and ready to roll.  LeMars is just 14 weeks away.  Not to mention I have the Alive & Running 5K on Saturday, June 16th.  Need to get off the treadmill and out on the road so that I can rock it out in memory of Kirk.  Only 10 weeks until Sissy’s wedding.  Yes, the dress zips up since my return from Biggest Loser resort but it’s not conducive to breathing well yet.  So I need to remind myself that if I want to boogie at the dance or be able to eat at the reception, there is still work to be done.  Plus, I’m just a few pounds away from hitting the 100’s and that needs to happen before my birthday in June.  So, it’s time to get back on track.  There are no vacations when it comes to healthy living.  Each day I need to focus and keep my eye on the prize.

I did have a fun moment at my parents’ house though that I would like to share.  I mean, the entire weekend was awesome fun but this one actually pertains to the task at hand.  I didn’t weigh myself much when I was in high school.  Denial is a city of which I am the mayor, remember?  I’ve talked to my mom about it and we think I weighed around 215 pounds or so when I graduated but that’s a best guess.  I’ve said repeatedly that I’m smaller now than I have been in the (gulp), 18 years since I graduated high school.  Well, Saturday night, there was proof.  The theme for my sisters bachelorette party is throw back prom so we were talking about old dresses we wore and it led me to the basement were I found my wedding dress from my first marriage.  I married my high school boyfriend two months after graduation in, what I thought at the time, was a beautiful white gown.  Holy cow the styles have changed in 18 years.  Ha!  And luckily, so has my body!  The dress was WAY too big for me.  It kind of hung like a sequined, satin tarp with too many bows on the body of Lyndee 2.0.  How many people can say that they are smaller at 35 than they were at 18?  Hooray for that little victory.  As I sit here and write this, I think it will definitely go in my arsenal of inspiration for the month.  It’s ironic how Molly and I started this as a “quest for the dress” and two years later I’m on a quest to rock out my hot mama watermelon colored maid of honor dress in August.  And rock it, I will!! 

The dress

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