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Monday, May 21, 2012

Turkey in the tummy

Oh, if only the camera did a better job at showing the bruises all over my arms you could all feel my pain.  Ha! Molly and I hung pretty well with the boys in the backyard crossfit/farm boy workout on Saturday.  Let me tell you though, flipping a 125 pound tractor tire is no joke when you hit the 5th set.  Holy cow.  There were tire flips, jumps through the tire (or leaping in my case since I don’t have jumping coordination), pounding the tire with a sledgehammer, pushups, farmer carries with a 53 pound kettle bell and medicine ball throws.  I can’t wait for the next one in two weeks.  We are going to add a few more stations so there is less down time between sets and hopefully get some more people to join us as well.  It should be a rocking good time.  And does anyone know where I could find a battle rope or agility ladder?  Would love to add those stations!

I wanted to share the turkey recipe that I’ve been using since my return from Biggest Loser Resort.  It’s been cause of some serious drooling from my co-workers during lunch time.  You can eat this a variety of ways.  Patty it up for a burger, bake it in a pan for meatloaf, roll it into meatballs and add marina for a meatball sandwich, brown and mix into a box of fiber gourmet mac and cheese...get creative!!  I make this recipe but I do not include the rice all the time.  I’ve found at our house the favorite way to eat this is over brown rice.  So I make the recipe without the rice in it, then mix it with brown rice, a tablespoon of feta cheese and some Sweet Baby Ray’s sweet and spicy barbeque sauce for a delicious, healthy and filling meal.  Some days I add the sundried tomatoes and some I don’t.  Make sure if you do, you chop them up REALLY well, like in a food processor.  If you can think of other ways to use this make sure to share!

My phillyburbs article is up for the reading.  Haven’t gotten the web link to Q Magazine yet but I promise to share as soon as I do.  Have a super Monday! 

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Hageman Haus said...

Would love to join in on the next farm boy (er...girl) challenge! Way to go Lyndee and Molly for showing those boys you can hang right with 'em!