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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An inch at a time

I walked into Warrior last night and was so excited to see battle ropes and agility ladders among the Bulgarian bags and weighted balls.  Only Todd can turn two of my favorite pieces of gym equipment into pure torture devices.  There was an entire circuit of exercises and my last station was the ladders. Two minute drills of bear crawls, then squat jumps in the box, squat, and then in-outs.  There were three ladders in a row.  Two minutes had never seemed so long.  And then we got to the "cool down" which was bear crawls, army crawls, guerrillas and I'm forgetting one I think.  My mind went blank at that point. I didn't know if I was going to puke or cry. Then I looked over and saw the lady next to me struggling.  I could tell she was about to quit, just like I wanted to do.  I tapped her on the arm and told her we were almost there and she could do this. I said, "let's do it together".   And we did.  Both of us finished, even though we were much slower than the rest of the class. That didn't matter at all. It was only important to me that we didn't quit.

There have been many times in my journey to a healthier Lyndee that I've wanted to quit when it got too hard, but I don't.  I may be going slow but I'm still going an inch at a time.

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