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Monday, October 22, 2012


Wow, am I sore today. It's very sad.  My abs hurt from laughing so hard Friday night with my friends.  Also, probably from the run yesterday.  We did the Principal 5K as part of the Des Moines Marathon.  I didn't train at all which was a pretty dumb move but I powered through the race and completed.  It certainly wasn't my best time but it wasn't my worst either.  I was lucky enough to get to race alongside Melody and her family "Team Beneke", which was awesome.  They are one fun family!  The bummer of the day was that they ran out of medals for finishers.  But luckily my husband and our friend Lynn were kind enough to let me borrow theirs for a picture so I could feel cool.

It was a great event that ran smoothly and was well organized.  It was so amazing to watch the marathon and half marathoners.  Congrats to all my wonderful friends that completed those races!!! You guys are all rockstars.

After lunch I went to Gray's to walk with Molly and Stephanie.  It was part of the marathon course and 6 hours after the start, there were still people out completing their race.  We told them great job, keep going and gave out some high fives.  Now that is perseverance and dedication! Holy moly! Made me feel like a slacker on my 5K.  This will be my last race of the year but I plan to do many, many more in 2013. And the hubby is hoping to do a Tough Mudder in Omaha.  I won't be participating in that but I will definitely be cheering him on.  It's crazy to think we're already planning ahead for 2013.  Where the heck did 2012 go?!?!?

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Hageman Haus said...

So super awesome that TEAM BENEKE was mentioned in your blog!!! We loved sharing the event with you, too!!!