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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pain is temporary, pride is forever

I grew up in a wrestling family.  A reoccurring theme was “pain is temporary, pride is forever”.  I’ve had to remind myself that a lot this week and feel it will be valuable while I’m in Malibu.   After the 12 hour fitness challenge to benefit Cops Against Cancer, I can honestly say, my upper body has never been so sore.  You would think after all this time training with Scott and the workouts I go through weekly, this wouldn’t have been such a killer.  But it was.  Why?  No, I’m not a big wimp!  It’s because my resistance workouts are usually 1-2 hours.  And it’s never pure shoulders.  It’s usually full body.  So 12 hours of shoulder torture has led me to a hell this week which found me wincing in pain when trying to put on my jacket, crying and contorting while trying to wash my hair and barely being able to lift my purse.  I couldn’t even run on the treadmill last night because my chest hurt so badly.  Feeling like I’ve torn my tendons and muscles into shreds does not make a happy Lyndee.  I was already crabby after a crappy weigh-in and last night it was all adding up for a really bad combination.  

I had requested a lower body workout.  Scott did what Scott does best and put us through a normal workout that worked multiple areas.  He was an angel and let me use a lighter than normal medicine ball for slams, wall throws, squats and lunges though.  He’s a peach like that.  He could tell that I was frustrated and hurting.  He told me I would appreciate this when I was in Malibu doing hours upon hours of workouts, sore and frustrated and wanting to quit.  As always, he’s right.  I made it through the workout.  Even tried to push myself a little harder through the pain because it IS temporary!  And what I’m doing here with Scott and Molly, as well as what I’ll be doing in Malibu, gives me a pride that gets me through every day.  I won’t be able to quit or whine or get special treatment while I’m at BLR.  So why would Scott let me get away with that last night?  Easy.  He wouldn’t.  And that’s why I adore that man.  

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