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Friday, March 9, 2012

My old pal the pool

Went swimming last night for the first time in forever.  I think I’ve made three appearances at the pool since the LeMars Triathlon last year.  Yikes! Man, did I feel that. I only did 600 meters and I was slow and struggling.  I really had to focus on my breathing and timing.  I forgot how much I love it though.  Makes me anxious to get back into the swimming soon.  Once I return from Biggest Loser Resort I will need to start my triathlon training ASAP.  September will be here before I know it and I may pick up another one or two prior to LeMars.  I will be able to work on my swimming and running while I’m in Malibu but not sure about the biking part.  I’m sure there is a spin class or a bike in the cardio area I could use but it’s not the same as logging road miles.  Excited to get back into the groove of the tri training and have another goal.  Last year the goal was to complete it in under 2 hours.  This year I plan to destroy that time and make a new personal best that I can be proud of.  Every pound I lose and every minute I train will help so much!  Bring on the swim, bike, run!  


The Hageman Haus said...

One of my favorite photos EVER is us "three ladies" holding that sign.

patrh@aol.con said...

Tell the neighbors to quiet down.... the rules are quiet after 2200. If you don't wan to have the desk do it. We have a habit of taking on other peoples issues and internalizing it in less productvie ways.
I'll bet you are not the only one either.