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Friday, March 23, 2012

Homeward bound

Happy Friday!!  I’m bouncing off the walls over here. Cannot wait to go home this weekend for my bon voyage with the family.  It will be such a busy weekend.  Get to see my nephews, Jake and Gable today!! Tonight we're having a fish fry at Uncle Mark’s with the family.  Tomorrow morning is wedding stuff with sissy, spending the day with her and my cousin Miranda to celebrate their birthdays, big going away party at Mom & Dad’s with all the Underbakke and Hageman clans.  Sunday we are having Easter dinner and then I will head back to Des Moines.  I can’t wait! And at some point, I need to get in a few workouts over the weekend as I know the food temptation will be off the charts.  The next few days are going to fly by and be super emotional but it will be wonderful to see everyone before I leave for Malibu.  

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