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Monday, March 12, 2012

Moving on

Life is a constant forward motion. It has to be if you want to stay sane.  Roll with the punches, I say.  Like a fat kid chasing a donut down a hill, I find I’m getting very good at rolling with what life throws me.  But this doesn’t mean sometimes you can’t glance back at the past and be reminded of how far you have come.  I spent the weekend packing up our house for the upcoming move.  My husband and I stood in the garage looking at boxes and tubs full of pictures that I have collected since the 1990’s.  Oh the joy of seeing the faces of friends I miss dearly.  What a different time and place I was in there.  I have come a long way and I’m sure everyone around me is grateful for that.  Like the print I designed below says…”happy to discover that a long line of failures has made me into someone quite exceptional”.  I truly believe this. I do no regret things I’ve done in my past...even the really stupid stuff.  Without them I wouldn’t be the Lyndee I am today.  It was also pretty wacky to look at the face staring back at me from those pictures.  Sure, we all look a little older over the years but OH.MY.GOD I can’t even believe I looked like that. I don’t remember looking in the mirror and seeing a head the size of a basketball and sixteen chins.  It’s quite eye opening.  But it’s also awesome to know that I will never be the woman again.  I rather like having one chin and being able to see that I do indeed have a collar bone! Check out these pics!  One is my UNI student ID.  Another is Molly and I, the Halloween before we started our journey.  Wow!      

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Anonymous said...

You both ROCK!! I love following your posts--I didn't realize your 'getaway' was approaching so fast--