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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Last night was strength training night. I had went to the gym with the intention of doing a quick mile on the treadmill and then going to pool class.  I lost track of time and missed pool class but glad to say I got 3 miles in on the treadmill.  I was starving and headed home to eat, with every intention of going back to the gym after dinner.  But I didn’t. I tried to talk myself into it but it didn’t work.  BUT knowing I had to do some strength training, per my new workout calendar, I went to my handy dandy pinterest “fitness” board and found an arm workout I could do with my dumbbells at home.  It didn’t look too hard but after three reps my muscles were on fire!!! I don’t know what a dumbbell pullover is.  Anyone wanna educate me? So I did 15 hammer curls each arm instead of 5 and 10 overhead tricep extensions to make up for whatever that move was. 

I’ve been dreaming about a double double burger from In-N-Out lately with all our planning for the Vegas trip.  Last night I decided to try to make a healthified version of it and I have to say, I think I did a pretty dang good job.  So if you’re hungry for the delicious double double but would like to have half the calories and fat, check this out!


Kary said...

A pullover is where you are laying on your back with a single dumbbell between both hands on the floor above your head. Arms are straight. You pull the dumbbell up over your head keeping arms straight. You can add a twist to it by doing a sit-up as you get the bell above your head. Keep the dumbbell raised over your head when you sit-up (now that's a get-up sit-up).

LH said...

Thanks, Kary! I will try it that way next time!