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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mental meltdown

Good morning, everyone! How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good! Got in some needed workouts, celebrated a birthday, chilled with my three favorite boys in the world around the house, received some shakeology samples in the mail from Jami and was able to catch up on some sleep and housework.  The weekend was going just dandy until yesterday.  Saturday I had to go buy new workout pants since the others were literally falling off.  I was able to buy pants smaller than I’ve had in years.  That was a great feeling.  Sunday I had to go shopping for jeans since those weren’t staying up either. I will save you the rant on the lack of universal sizes in women’s jeans and the torture that I find shopping to be but let’s just say I had a total meltdown after leaving the 3rd store and finding that, depending on the store, I range anywhere from Marilyn Monroe to what felt like Hungry Hippo.  I called my husband in a total tizzy, bawling my head off, saying I was ready to give up because it wasn’t worth it, I couldn’t do anything right and at least when I was fat, I had clothes that fit.  I told you, total meltdown.  He calmed me down and pointed out all the great progress I had made, the fact that I have muscles again in places that had been jiggling, my workout pants were a size I had been dreaming about, I’m working my butt off, literally, every single day, logging all my food and that it doesn’t matter if the numbers on the scale are coming off slower than I think they should or that my jean size isn’t single digits.  He told me to stop defining myself by numbers and instead the gallons of sweat that were pouring off my brow, the healthy foods I was making and how much more energy I had.  I knew he was right and I was being a big baby but I guess it was one of those days where I just needed to breakdown to build back up.  After I got home I went back to the Y with him for some basketball happy place, clearing of the head.  Then we went to the store and loaded up on seafood.  He grilled me shrimp, cod and asparagus, despite the fact it was 20 some degrees out.  While he cooked my dinner I did Day 4 of the guns, buns and abs challenge.  Then we enjoyed a delicious and healthy dinner and I found my calm and happy place again.  So here’s to a new week, not being obsessed with numbers whether they are on a scale or a clothes tag, making yourself better each day and my wonderful husband that always knows how to make me smile.  

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