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Friday, February 21, 2014

Guns, buns and abs

I started a 30 day challenge with a few friends yesterday. It’s called the guns, buns and abs challenge.  Looking at the post on Pinterest it didn’t seem like it would be that bad. 

After doing Day 1 last night, I can tell you right now Days 20-30 are going to suck! But I’m pretty confident it will do what it’s supposed to do, which is good since our friends we are going to Vegas with in June posted this countdown yesterday.  It will be here before we know it!

I didn’t get to walk with Melody at lunch because I worked from home in the afternoon since we were under a blizzard warning.  We haven’t finished my office at the new house yet so I work at the dining room table, which lead me to realize that I need a mansion. And in said mansion, my office will be at the opposite end and 3 floors above the kitchen in a sound proof room so that I can't hear the girl scout cookies whispering my name when I work from home. The name “thin mint” is totally contradictory.  Anyway, when I logged off work I headed to the Y in the sleet, snow and 60 mph winds. I shot hoops for an hour and then did 2 miles on the treadmill.  I went home and made my yummy chili lime salmon burger! Hooray for easy and delicious.  I did my guns, buns and abs Day 1 squats, push ups and leg lifts.  Rob went up to the Y to workout and again I heard those stupid little cookies whispering from the kitchen. But, to my surprise, instead of caving, I decided to go to the Y again.  I did a 20 minute strength and cardio workout with the Sworkit app.  It was different and super-fast paced but it did what I wanted it to do.  Then Rob, Lynn and I played basketball for 45 minutes after that.  By the time I got home I no longer had any desire to eat the cookies. I needed a snack so I made a peanut butter banana smoothie instead. It cured my sweet craving and filled me up before bed. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 

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