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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hoop zen

Some people use yoga as their happy place to find their zen. That’s never worked for me.  I don’t like yoga.  It’s hard and uncomfortable and there is no relaxing involved as I am in too much pain and concentrating too hard to clear my mind. I’ve tried it.  I’ve wanted to like it.  But it doesn’t work for me. Bummer, right?  Some people may find it weird that the best place for me to turn off my brain and let go is with a basketball in my hand.  My favorite way to unwind is to put on headphones, shuffle my playlist, and just shoot hoops.  I could shoot baskets for hours. Some days I just shoot until my arms ache.  Sometimes I play games of around the world against myself.  Most days I do a shot challenge.  I will say, today I have to make 200 baskets.  It may take me 20 minutes, it may take me an hour but I won’t stop until I make it 200 times. It’s a great way to get my steps without thinking about it or the monotony of the treadmill.  I’m no Michael Jordan. I’m 5’7 if I stand up straight, Norwegian and have zero vertical leap. I mean, zero.  But I do have a sweet perimeter shot. Sometimes, when I’m feeling a wee bit crazy, I even attempt a lay-up or three pointer.  I’ve been known to get uber competitive and kick some serious butt in games of Horse.  But it’s the simple shot after shot that brings me joy and inner peace.  Sounds strange to some, but that’s my point. It doesn’t matter if you can’t master a downward dog or table top sunrise Buddha half back stance. Find what makes you happy. Find an activity that brings you peace and like our friend Nike demands, JUST DO IT! It doesn’t need to be something other people promote for relaxation.  It only has to suit you.  Maybe it’s a bike ride, walking through the park, jumping on a trampoline or dancing to Nelly in your bedroom while you fold laundry (guilty of that a million times over).  Find it, do it, love it.  

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