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Friday, February 14, 2014

Inspiration on a mirror

I had already done an hour and a half of cardio at the gym last night. Went home, ate my salmon burger and listened to Michael and Rob get ready to go to the gym.  Rob has been on me about getting back to my strength training.  I haven’t done much of that for months. I thought about Scott being at basic training somewhere in the south and how he would want me to be lifting and sculpting and pushing myself harder.  So I trudged back to the gym last night at 8 pm and spent an hour doing lunges, crunches and circuit training. My thighs and butt are paying for it today but that’s a good thing.  It was funny as I was lunging across the room, I saw this written on the mirror.  “The amount you give will determine the amount you get back”.  I knew that was true. If I half-assed my strength training or cardio for that matter, I won’t get much back. If I push it, I will get more back. So I pushed and heaved, lunged and rowed until sweat poured off my brow and my muscles were burning. It would’ve been easy to say, I already had a workout today and stay in the warm confines of my home in front of the fireplace but that wasn’t going to give me much back now, was it? 

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