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Thursday, February 9, 2012


I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve become a bit emotional in my old age.  Just ask my husband.  He can attest to the smallest things in the world making me cry.  Even very happy things.  I attribute this to a new appreciate for life that I’ve gained in the last 2 ½ years. With a dear loved ones untimely passing, I vowed that I would live every day to the fullest and seek to find the beauty and gift in each day.  Admittedly, some days are harder than others to keep my promise to him.  Then there are days that my heart is so overwhelmed with joy and blessings that I can’t help but cry.  I’ve had that feeling a lot in the last week.  The simple thought of what the day of my return from Fitness Ridge will be like creates a softball size lump in my throat and suddenly I’m batting back tears.  It doesn’t matter if I lose five pounds or 50 while I’m gone.  I will come back a champion because I went and I gave it my all.  And the look on the faces of my family and friends faces will be priceless.  The feeling of their arms around me again will be somewhat close to heaven on Earth. 

Molly and I spent last night getting interviewed by a very nice lady at the Des Moines Register and there was one constant theme we kept coming back to.  How lucky we are.  How much love we have.  How much support surrounds us.  How blessed our journey has been and continues to be.  In the parking lot afterwards we talked about how crazy this ride has been and how if someone would’ve told us 2 years ago that we would’ve come this far, refused to quit and touched other people’s lives, we would’ve laughed our big round asses off.  If they had said we would be recognized for losing weight we probably would’ve choked on the pizza we were shoving in our mouths.

So it’s no surprise today when I started watching videos of former contestants talking about their visits to BLR, I started crying.  Not only for what they said and what they took away from the experience but seeing the classes, hikes, trainers and campus and knowing that I will be there before I know it.  And like those that have gone before me, I will leave there as a new person whose life has been touched and will never be the same.

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